Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

OK, so today I’m seriously eyeing a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes. Do I need them? No. Can I afford them? No. But will they look incredible on my feet? Absolutely! These shoes are so great, they are just screaming, “BUY ME!!!!” I mean they are so beautiful; they make you want to slap your mama!

You could say that I am a male version of Carrie Bradshaw. I too have an expense shoe habit. It’s so bad, my friends used to call me Imelda Marcos. But my mother always said, “Never wear cheap shoes. You’ll ruin your feet.” My dad says, “Never wear the same shoes on consecutive days. They need time to breathe.” Well naturally I always listen to my parents well at least in terms of footwear. So it makes sense that I have taken what they have said to heart.

Pravda, Gucci, Farrago, Bruno Mali, Cole Hahn, all reside quite comfortable in my closet. I seem to have wonderful success in finding shoes that fit, great styles and I am pretty good at taking care of them. Regular polishing, shoes trees and keeping them in their boxes until wearing are some of my secrets to keeping shoes looking their best. I firmly believe many people judge you by your shoes.

OK, so you want to see what’s on my latest wish list?

I love! They carry some great labels for men and not just shoes: 7 For All Mankind, James Pearse, and Marc by Marc Jacobs just to name a few. They’ve recently starting carry Dior Homme which let me to my next fashion find:

Beautiful shoes, aren’t they? I just can’t justify buying them when I have 5 or 6 pairs in great condition and I’ve just bought 2 other new fabulous pairs of shoes. I originally was looking for a good pair of sandals, having lost a pair at the end of last summer. See? A legitimate reason to make a shoe purchase …. Replacement shopping! So for now, I just have to admire from afar….well at least for now!

Pretty Khaki…I guess not…

About a month ago, The Gap began airing their spring ad campaign with Sarah Jessica Parker singing “I Enjoy Being a Girl.” The Pretty Khaki campaign seem to be a hit. Shortly thereafter they announced that they were dropping poor Sarah in order to use Joss Stone and others in order to reach their target demographic. I was a little shocked. I thought the commercials were fun and I especially liked the new one.

I have to admit though lately I’ve been having mixed feelings about the store. In college, The Gap was a staple. Having work there throughout my college years, most of my wardrobe came from the store. With the rejuvenation of Banana Republic and the introduction of Old Navy, here were more avenues to expand my wardrobe. I grew with Banana Republic and used Old Navy for those inexpensive and fun clothes.

Lately, I’ve been feeling that I’m too old for The Gap. So with the introduction of Sarah, I was thinking it was time to give the store a second look. By the time, “I Enjoy Being a Girl” came out, I was ready to give the store a second look. Even thinking, “I Could Enjoy Being a Boy!” I guess that’s all changed. With The Gap now changing it’s tune, I have the feeling that once you reach a certain age you are too old for the store.

The Gap’s sales haven’t been improving but maybe it’s too soon to blame the advertising. Could it be that the franchise is canabalizing itself with Old Navy and Banana Republic? Could it be that competition among competitors is just more intense? Or maybe their offerings aren’t capturing the hearts and more importantly the wallets of the public?

It’s a shame about Sarah I guess she’s not longer “pretty khaki.” More importantly, it’s shame The Gap is alienating me.

Uh oh! I’m fat!

OK so I am standing in front of my closet this morning, looking for something to wear. I know, we all complain about not having anything but today it’s really true. Seems like I have gained a few pounds over the past several months; seams are screaming, buttons are popping and there are unsightly buldges peaking out from my well coordinated pajamas. OK, I have to admit I have seen this coming. It’s been happening since October.

Last year when this happened, (this is a regular occurrence for me) I got a personal trainer, went gonzo on my eating habits and successfully dropped down from 208lbs to 188lbs. I was down to my ideal model weight. I always say, “To the victor goes the spoils!” For me that meant new clothes… Pants, sweaters, shirts just a shameless potpouri of designer names came to live in my humble abode. Seems like shedding 20 pounds meant adding another 200 in clothing.

The impetus for this frenzy was to prepare for my trip to Cancun, which is an annual junket for me every November. Of course while there, all I did was eat & drink, sun & party, eat & drink some more, shop and of course…eat and drink. You do notice I did have time to shop. Purchases of note… a truly groovy D&G sweater and 2 pairs of sunglasses (D&G and Chanel).

Anyway, I returned home just in time for what I like to call the Holiday Feeding Frenzy… Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! Food, parties and of course, eating and drinking. Needless to say, I fell off of my healthy lifestyle regimen. The only thing saving me was the fact that I teach spinning twice a week so I did get some exercise. However the cold chill of the winter months had left the rest of my exercise program in hibernation.

So now depressed, standing in front of all those fabulous clothes, I have now come to the decision that it’s time to get back on the exercise wheel again and give it another whirl. To make matters worse, the threat of summer is looming largely on the horizon. Moreover, today’s an InCircle day at Neiman Marcus and I refuse to buy clothes above my target weight limit. Model weight….here I come!

My First Post

Wow this is my first post. I finally decided to put my rantings in a blog. Why? Well why not? I mean I think have a half decent sense of style and I know I spend way too much money on clothes. So here it is… my secrets on shopping, my thoughts on style and what’s happening in my little fashion world.
I find clothes everywhere and I have some simple fashion rules that I tend to impart to all my friends. Everywhere we look we are getting instructions on what’s hot in the world of fashion. Magazines tell us what’s in and the stores put their spin on what’s now and happening so I thought I would add my touch.
From Old Navy to Neiman Marcus, there is something for everyone but how do you wade through all the choices? Sure we all make fashion mistakes. I can say I did fall victim to parachute pants and dare I say ……acid wash jeans? Oh well, we live in learn.
From a great bargain to an outrageous priced pair of shoes, ultimately what we wear says a lot about us whether we are trying to make a statement or not. At least, I’d like to think I make a statement.
I enjoy the thrill of fashion…the hunt, putting together a great look, etc. The only thing I really hate is paying the ransom to get my clothes out of the dry cleaner. So here are my little musings. My unique perspective? It’s a male point of view. Enjoy!