Universal Gear’s Ultimate Runway Event

The place to be last Thursday night was at Universal Gear’s Ultimate Underwear Runway Event. The event hosted by Fox 5’s Will Thomas and organized by Universal Gear’s new Marketing Director, Leigh Genetti showcased the latest in underwear looks that were clearly not your father’s skivvies.

While the event highlighted some of the current fall trends including denim, military inspired jackets and pops of color, these were overshadowed by what was hidden underneath. According to Chord Bezzera, the store’s Buying and Marketing Manager, we should be seeing performance looks and silhouettes in a variety of fabrics. And the show did not disappoint presenting looks from Timoteo, Andrew Christian, 2Xist and C2C.

The runway show kicked off Universal Gear’s underwear event which now through October 17th, underwear styles are 25% off. In addition, through the end of this weekend a portion of the sales will go to SMYAL.

As the fall season is in full swing and we look to spruce up our wardrobes, it makes since to update our underwear as well and this sale is the perfect opportunity!  After all, why go to all the trouble of putting together a hot new look when underneath is ratty and worn?

Universal Gear is located at 1529B 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005 and online.  Until next time, Happy Shopping!

Fall is Here. Hit the Streets!

It’s official!  Fall has arrived and the stores have put their wares out on display.  Last week was my opportunity to spend some time out to see what was in the DC stores.  Here’s a sample of some of the hot looks we’ll be seeing on the denizens of Washington once the weather starts to chill down.

3033 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20007

Long know for it’s jeans, I believe it was their sweaters that are stealing the show this season.  Distinct patterns make them a hot look for fall.

I was particularly fond of this burgundy K-Makana sweater shown here in a medium. Slim cut, great button detail and could also be worn as a turtleneck. 

Barney’s Coop
3040 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
Colored jeans are a very popular trend this season.  Shown here in orange with a peacoat and boots.  Two enduring trends that continue to thrive this fall which should carry into winter.

Jack Wills
1097 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20007
Jack Wills is a relatively new store in the DC area.  The British clothing brand has only 12 stores in the US, typically located in university towns.  The clothes have a very collegiate look similar to the Rugby brand by Ralph Lauren while maintaining a very British air.

The pants tend to run slimmer which is a nice look this seasonl. I tried on the white wool sweater in medium but felt it ran a little to large. The small actually fit remarkably well.

3222 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20011

Not to be undone by some of the pricier stores, HM proves it’s right up there with the trends.  At their prices, you can easily capture many of the hot looks for the season and still have coin in your pocket.

Saks Fifth Avenue
5300 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC  20015

Saks has proclaimed that burgundy is a color we’ll be seeing a lot of this season. Most of the brands carried throughout the store had shades of this color in their collections.

Stripes are also hot. I love this stripped shirt by Etro and the look carries right down to the the socks.  If I didn’t already have a similar shirt by Paul Smith, I would have snapped it up.

Neiman Marcus
5300 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC  20015

Neiman Marcus also showed colored jeans in a multitude of hues.  With limited space for men in their Mazza Gallerie store, looks tend to skew a little older for casual wear.  It was nice see color from this venerable retailer.  It was a welcomed change.

5300 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD  20815
Layering and leather are also important elements for fall.  Here are a couple of the looks show here with the other trends, colored jeans, slimmer cut trousers and burgundy.
I look forward to fall as men’s fashion tends to heat up despite the cooler weather and this season does not disappoint. 

Cupcake Challenge

DCer’s love their cupcakes and I being no exception can never say no to the delectable handheld treat.  Yes I know this is primarily a fashion blog, but hey I gotta eat sometime.  In honor of my father’s 86th birthday, I decided to give him cupcakes.  Since I was so close to Georgetown Cupcake, naturally I had to stop by.  Plus I knew the secret cupcake of the day (hint: follow them on twitter @GTownCupcake),  I was earlier enough to get a free one.  Bonus!

But why stop there?  I thought why not stop at Sprinkles (follow them also @Sprinkles they give away free cupcakes as well) and pick up a cupcake or two there? And Baked and Wired was just around the corner so I thought why not grab one from there too?  Since I was already over the edge, I figured Hello Cupcake was just up the street and so maybe I should get one from there as well and turn it into a impromptu cupcake challenge.

It was on!  I had vanilla cupcakes from each bakery so now I had to enlist tasters.  They will remain nameless but they had a hard task of picking their favorites.  They were each give a sample of each of the cupcakes but they didn’t know where they came from.  It all!”

The judges criteria?  Tell me the one you like the best.  It was a very close race.  As my dad said, “Do I have to pick just one?  It’s my birthday and I love them all!”  All though it was a very close race, the winner…… Sprinkles!

Although my challenge was very unscientific, DCFashionFool and Friends have spoken.  The group’s only request, “When do we get to do it again!”  Until next time, Happy Shopping!

Sprinkles – 3015 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007 202-4501610

Georgetown Cupcake– 3301 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007 202-333-8448

Hello Cupcake – 1361 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036 202-544-2210

Baked and Wired – 1052 Jefferson Street NW, Washington, DC 20007  202-333-2500

What’s In Your Closet? The Purge

A while ago a friend of mine asked, “Tell me, what is one item a DC man must have and what is one that the same man should banish from his closet forever.”  While I stand by my answers, must have – a good blazer; banish – old college tees, it got me thinking of the closet edit that she suggested.  Her question was quite timely because I was just getting ready to do my own closet purge.  But it also got me thinking how was I going to edit my own closet so that I could stay both on trend as well as maintain some classic looks and what was I going to banish?

While I’m not necessarily a fan of the philosophy if you haven’t worn it in two years, you should get rid of it, I do believe one should take a serious look at your closet on a regular basis and make an honest assessment of what should stay or go.  I tend to go through this exercise twice a year, spring and fall.  For me, this fall’s approach was slash and burn, if there was the slightest question of whether it should go, more often than not it hit the “to go” heap.  I followed 3 simple rules.

Sample of the victims of the purge –  Donation bound!
Dolce & Gabanna sweater – Never worn.   Too small.
1. If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it. – Yes we all fluctuate in weight but why have a wardrobe full of clothes that are too small that you haven’t worn in years or clothes that are too big for fear of gaining too much weight.  On the too small side, it’s alright to have an incentive piece here and there to try to get back to a goal weight but if you’re not actively making an effort, there’s no need to keep these items.  It’ll just depress you.  On the other end of the spectrum, why keep your “big clothes”.  If you no longer have them, the fear of having nothing to wear will help keep you from growing large again.

2. If it’s out of style, let it hit the pile – You cannot always wait for something to come back in fashion even if you paid a lot of money for the piece.  If you believe it’s still of value, you could always try to consign it.  But face it some looks can be very dated and should simply be retired. And you know if you paid a lot for one thing, you’ll probably pay just as much or more for something else. Furthermore since you may have a biased opinion, ask a trusted friend if the clothes are still on trend.  Your judgment could be too cloudy to make an honest assessment. 

3. Moth-holed, damaged or stained – please! – Okay no cute rhyme but you get the point.  If you have clothes that fall into this category, it’s time to say good bye.  Ratty t-shirts, holey underwear, clothes that have lost their shape all fit into this category.  Unless they can be repaired or the stain removed, these items should hit the trash can.  They should not be donated. 

Michael Kors – beautiful overcoat.  Much too big!
So how did I do? Fat clothes are gone and have either hit the consignment pile or will be going to a favorite local charity.  Yes I found clothes with the tags still on them!  A few of my favorite sweaters fell victim to the moth so sadly, they are now in the trash can.   On the plus side long forgotten favorites will now be re-appearing.  And now, I have additional space for new looks.  Let the shopping begin!  Until next time…Happy Shopping!

A Night with Hugh and Crye

Hugh and Crye is fast becoming a DC mainstay in Washington.  The shirt maker provides great fitting shirts with a unique sizing system based on body shape.  As a new discoverer of these shirts, I was eager to attend the Pre-dinner cocktails and hors d’ouevres at PJ Clarke’s SideCar last Saturday night.
Pravnav Vora, founder and CEO, was on hand to display his handiwork and customers donned their favorite Hugh and Crye shirt to make the night quite the celebration.  Even I jumped into the fray and was graciously allowed to try on several of their sample shirts out on display.

After working with me find to find my fit (I’m either Average/Athletic or Tall/Athletic), I tried on the Executive, the company’s most popular look.  I have to admit the fit was fantastic and the shirt looked great!.  The event was touted as an occasion to have a drink with friends old and new. I’d like to think I am now a new friend.
Hugh and Crye is located in Georgetown at 3202 O Street NW #5, Washington, DC 20007 or can be found online at http://www.hughandcrye.com.

Scenes from FNO Georgetown

Last night, Georgetown was the shopping mecca to be.  Enjoy some of the scenes captured during the night.

Until next time, Happy Shopping!

Dollar Shave Club

On advise from a friend, I decided to check out Dollar Shave Club .  For as little as $1 per month. I could have razors delivered right to my door at a signifantly lower cost than what I pay to go pick up my Mach 3 razorblades at my local CVS.  The relatively low cost was incentive enough for me to give it a shot.  If that’s not enough, to lure you in, the video which has gone viral is hillarious and may just encourage you to try it out for youself.

I may even get my brother to try them, as the company has received an endorsement by his favoirite celebrity after whom my nephew was named. Tweeted by @NathanFillion, “This is the best f*cking commercial I’ve ever seen. Use an electric and I’m joining anyway.”
Of course, I upgraded to the $9 per month plan.  Hey it’s $9 and if I don’t like it I can always cancel.  You wanna try?  Here’s the link: http://www.dollarshaveclub.com. How do the razors work?  Stay tuned.  Until later…Happy Shopping!

SuitSupply Comes to DC

Since August in DC is generally hazy hot and humid, residents usually tend to abandon the city for other more hospitable locales.  The heat however did not deter DC’s well-heeled gentlemen from flocking to the opening of the Georgetown latest find, SuitSupply.  Referred to by GQ magazine as the JetBlue of suits and started by Dutch founder Fokke de Jong, the brand has been making a splash in New York and has recently opened its doors in Chicago.  It’s has now come to make its mark in our neck of the woods.

While gnoshing on crab cake sliders and sipping champagne, I took a tour of Georgetown’s latest  fashion addition.  Located right at the edge of Georgetown not to far from the Four Seasons, the store features a generous mix of suiting, sportswear and shoes.  Upon entering the store is the on premise tailor station along with more casual looks in the front of the store.  To the right and flowing through to the back of the store begins the suit wall with sizes ranging from 34 short up to 50 long.  To the left pass the casual looks are the impressive tie and shirt walls.  Visually they were stunning.

Suits, starting at $399, come in a variety of fits including a slimmer less padded cut which hugs the body for a sleek modern fit as well as more traditional cuts.  This philosophy helps the store accommodate a wide variety of body types.  Tailoring is done right on the premises and some of which can be done same day.

For those who desire a more custom fit, the made to measure department will personally take more than 40 different measurements to ensure the perfect fit for you. With luxe fabrics and a strong attention to detail, these custom beauties will rival certain designer suits costing thousands more.  Suits take approximately 8 weeks to make and start at around $995.  SuitSupply will also custom dress shirts as well.

It’s always nice to see new alternatives hitting our fair streets proving once again that Washington men do want good style at reasonable prices.  SuitSupply is located at 2800 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007.  Until next time…Happy shopping!