Buy A Tux!

Now that the season has finally turned to fall, there seems to be a lot of occasions where the dress calls for formal attire.  Fortunately men are not burdened with problem of coming up with a different gown for each event.  All we need is a nice tuxedo and we are good to go.  Typically we can just rent a tuxedo but why rent when you can own?  With tuxedos coming in at a variety of price points, it seems to make more sense to purchase a suit if you have a few events coming up in the near future.  A good well-kept tux will more than pay for itself for years to come.
Photo Saks Fifth Avenue
I am a huge fan of Giorgio Armani.  I’ve always felt I’m really well put together whenever I slip on an Armani suit.   Even though my suit occasions have dwindled over the years, what better way to go formal than in an Armani tuxedo?  Dressed in one of these tuxes, who wouldn’t feel like a million bucks?  It’s as if I was a movie star walking the red carpet at the Oscars.  This elegant shawl collar version is available at Saks Fifth Avenue.  At a price point of nearly $2800, this may be out of reach for many but it is a wise investment and the classic styling should hold up for years to come.  (I have to admit, I was able to purchase mine several years ago at a sample sale for about 20% of the cost.) 
Photo Nordstrom

Another classic style is the single-breasted suit.  Show here from Hugo Boss and available at Nordstrom’s, the Grant Classic Fit is cut with a little extra room in the chest and the body for more comfort. This suit retails for $795.  For $100 more, Boss also offers the Stars Glamour Trim Fit, which provides a slimmer cut.  This suit is also available at Nordstrom’s as well as Neiman Marcus.  If ordered online from Nordstrom’s, they will provide free next day ship and often will have special tailoring discounts in a local store.  Quite convenient for the Washingtonian who has procrastinated and needs a suit right away.

JoS A. Banks

For as little as $200, JoS A. Banks offers tuxedo separates.  What’s nice about this is that you have the option of various jacket styles (shawl collar, peak label, three button and even tails!) along with the option of either pleated or flat front trousers. Combine that with the option of finding a closer fit in separates, you can keep tailoring to a minimum.  Moreover with locations throughout the Washington area, there’s probably a Bank’s store right around the corner from you.  Macy’s also has tuxedos around this price point and now many of them are currently on sale.
With galas, balls and holidays just around the corner now may be the perfect time to snap up a tuxedo.  If you do don’t forget the suspenders, tie and cummerbund! Just stay away from the pre-tied bowtie if possible. Nothing is cooler than that loose bowtie look at the end of the night!  Until next time, Happy Shopping!

Top Secret Spies Invade the Donovan House

It’s one thing to write about fashion but it’s also good to actually see it in action. You know what they say? “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Last night, revelers sipped on Vesper martinis, gnoshed on fabulous hors d’ouevres and danced the night away to the latest tracks on the rooftop of the Donovan House. This Kimpton property sponsored a Top Secret James Bond event where guests were asked to wear their best all black 007 attire.  Check it out!

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Our shoes tell a lot about ourselves yet they also take quite a beating.  They carry our weight often taking thousands of steps a day.  Yet they are often the last part of our ensembles we think about when putting together our look. Here are just a few some styles to up your ante as you consider completing your fall looks.

Loafers are always a good choice for as a shoe to maintain in your arsenal.  Whether trendier like the pair show above by Prada in burnt brown or the classic horse-bit loafer by Gucci shown in black (bottom left)., they are perfect for dressy attire looks, business casual and also work well with jeans.  As the weather turns more inclement, try the horse-bit loafer in rubber by Gucci.  It carries the classic loafer styling using a more foul weather friendly material.

Florsheim by Duckie Brown

Brogues are very popular for the autumn season. Wingtips which fall into this category, in browns and blacks, work well with traditional suits as well as more casual looks such as jeans.  What’s even nicer is that we are seeing these shoes in interesting hues and even lace-less versions. These styles allow for greater versatility and flexibility for the fall.  Ducky Brown for Florsheim offers this lace-less version in indigo.  Many of the lace-less versions actually come with shoelaces for additional options.

John Varvatos Star

Like the loafer, the Chelsea boot is another staple that constantly pops up from year to year. Characterised by elastic siding for ease in slipping on and off, this boot was originally associated with horseback riding. Now, these boots work well with the classic outdoor looks as well as the trendier styles of today.  John Varvatos Star has a wingtipped version in brown.  Related to the Chelsea, the Beatle boot offers more modern options for the season. Just as the name suggests, the boots, made popular by the 60’s music legends, hearken back to the hipster looks of those times.  Despite the vintage flair, these boots work well with the slimmer suits and pants that we are seeing this season.  For inspiration, check out the pair shown below from Magnanni.


Our feet are some of the most hard working parts of our body.  Why not reward them with a stylish pair of kicks for all their hardwork?  They’ll look good and you’ll only enhance the rest of your attire. Until next time, Happy Shopping!