How About a Plaid Suit?

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As we continue to take a look at spring fashion, let’s consider an update to our tailored suiting.  Consider adding a patterned slim suit into your wardrobe.  One of my favorites this year is this grey slim pattern suit by Burberry.  This modern suit has a very slim line, narrow lapels, soft shoulders and flat front pants.  These adjustments are a decidedly welcome change from the boxy power suits of the eighties.
The business casual workday has really hit the tailor suiting industry hard over the last few years. However Washington, DC has always been an interesting dichotomy.  As a political town coupled with an abundance of law firms, suits have far from disappeared yet the business casual look seems to be here to stay in other Washington area offices such as government contractors, associations and non-profits.
In a town where Brooks Brothers has dressed 39 of the 44 presidents and President Obama favors Hart Schaffer Marx, sometimes our sartorial choices leave a lot to be desired.  Earlier this year, GQ made the same assessment swooping in and offering its fashion advice to several congressional workers on the hill. See Project Upgrade.
Courtesy of Marc Jacobs
On the other end of the spectrum is the business casual group. The problem on this end is men seem to be unsure of what’s been deemed acceptable as business casual.  There seems to be no uniform definition of business casual and some office looks have become quite questionable. 
Even if your part of the business casual group, you can still rock a suit. Consider Marc Jacob’s plaid suit in tan.  While not as slim as the Burberry look, the suit still retains its modern flair with the narrow labels, straight leg pants and the detail with the trim on the jacket.
With spring edging ever closer, now is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your wardrobe no matter which camp you fall into.  The two suits I’m recommending aren’t your traditional suits so they can add a little flair to which ever camp defines your look.  These suits add that special something to make you stand out from the crowd.  Until next time, Happy Shopping. 
The Burberry suit can be located at 1155 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036 or at  The Marc Jacobs suit can be located at

A Real Fashion Icon

Today I am mourning the loss of my first real fashion icon.  Although he never had designs flashed on the pages of glossy magazines nor his name embellished on the behinds of millions of adoring fans or even his looks gushed about on many of red carpet, he was truly a classy and stylish individual.  I’m talking about my father, Barnette R. Holston, Sr.

My father taught me many things about fashion that I still hold close to this day.  When suits were slim and ties skinnier, he wore them.  When things got flashy in the 70’s and labels and ties hit the extreme and were wide he jumped right on that bandwagon as well.  He taught me the benefits of owning my own tuxedo and I still have the one he purchased from Raleigh’s department store back in the late 60s.  That suit still holds up well today!  He seem to say, “Never be afraid to own your own sense of style.”  I loved him for that.

Sometimes he may have held on to looks too long as he sometimes needed a nudge to let go of some of his looks as they became dated.  But he could do that because he took such good care of all of his clothes.  Whether it was the grey charcoal cashmere overcoat that he had handmade on Saville Row or the seersucker suit that he bought at a deep discount on the side of the road, he treated all of his clothing with care.  His clothes lasted for years.

Not only did that work for his clothes but shoes too.  He swore by Allen Edmonds and had a closet full.   He kept them in shoe trees and never wore the same pair consecutively.  He said shoes needed time to breathe. Hardly a Saturday would go by when he wasn’t polishing several pairs to make sure they were in tip top ready to go shape. I can honestly say I developed my appreciation for a good shoe from him and yes I use shoe trees!

As he got older, he didn’t have to dress up as much but I could tell he still enjoyed it.  It always made me smile when he complimented me on my suit or shoes.  He would say, “Let me have them when you’re done with them.” I’m glad he appreciated in me what I’d always seen in him.  Especially since I’d like to think it was a tribute to him.  I’d gladly give him anything he asked for.  He will surely be missed he was a real fashion icon.

Until next time, Happy Shopping!

Ga Ga for Gucci!

While there still may be frost in the air, I say it’s never too late to look forward to spring.  I’ve long been an advocate of picking up pieces now before the season gets into high gear.  The stores have embraced it and if you happen to be heading off to some tropical island to get away from the cold, stores are offering much to shake you head out of the winter doldrums

A recent look at Gucci helps to illustrate my point.  For spring, we are seeing some pretty bold colors for the season.  Greens, golds and reds are sharing the spotlight with the traditional modern variations of blacks that have served Gucci well.  For 2013, pastels and variations of creams and tans round out the collection. Even looks in black show a pop of color

On a recent visit to Gucci in Chevy Chase, I was surprised to see menswear take a more prominent role in the store’s space allocation.  While the store still carries a nice selection of ladies’ shoes and bags, they no longer carry any women’s clothing.  All ready to wear is dedicated to men.  “Women aren’t buying Gucci clothing in Washington,” said my contact at Gucci.  “They buy the bags and shoes but clothing just doesn’t sell well here.”
This is one of the rare occasion where the focus in on the men rather than the women.  Although the full collection is not currently in the store, Gucci will be more than happy to order any of the current looks for you.

While you still may be facing the chill, go ahead and set your sights on the warmer months to come.  Gucci’s gearing to chase the cold away.  Until next time,  Happy Shopping!
Gucci is located at 5481Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, Maryland. (301) 986-8902.  In the Washington area you can also find them at Tysons Galleria in Tysons Corner, Virginia or online at  All pictures courtesy of

Barney’s Warehouse Closer Than You Think!

Even though I love DC, I’m also a big fan of New York City.  One of the things, I look forward to is Barney’s Warehouse Sale.  After all, who wouldn’t love a store that’s practically named for me? Held twice a year, there was something to be said about battling the throngs of eager shoppers all trying to get their paws on deeply discounted designer duds.


It was always a sight to see women in leotards or men just whipping off their clothes grabbing items right and left in a mad frenzy hoping that these bargains would fit yet not always willing to let them go if they didn’t because the sale price was so great.  Alas, living in DC I couldn’t always partake in this feeding frenzy. Too bad the Warehouse Sale was never in DC!

Dolce and Gabanna

Ah but wait… The Warehouse Sale is now here in DC.  Well not exactly. On February 4th, Barney’s launched it’s Barney’s Warehouse website.  Now we can take advantage of hunting down discounts dressed in just as little or less than what many of the savvy shoppers wear to the actual event.  From the comfort of your couch, you can now shop and score up to 75% off original prices.


While the website can be a little slow to load and cumbersome to navigate, it’s a small price to pay in order to score a Dolce and Gabbana suit original priced at $2,345 for $799.  Or Salvatore Ferragamo slips marked down to $239.

The nice thing about this site is now the sale is on 24/7 bringing a little bit of that New York thrill right to the comforts of our homes.  We never have to miss the Warehouse Sale again!   It should be noted that sizes tend to be limited  and all sales are final so just like the event, you have to be quick.  Until next time, Happy Shopping… See You At The Warehouse!

DCFashion Fool is Back with Yigal!

After a long hiatus I’m proud to announce that the DCFashion Fool is back! It’s not to say that fashion has not been in my thoughts it’s just that life sometimes deters you from your passions.  But enough of the stalling, let’s get to today’s news.

You may recall back in August, I extolled the virtues of Yigal Azrouel. Well if you didn’t snap up any of his pieces now is the time to grab something quick! Gilt has many of his fall 2012 pieces at excellent prices!

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Grab ’em up quick!  Visit Not a member?  Click here!

Until next time, Happy Shopping!