The Best Ways to Wear the Velvet Blazer for New Years

The holiday season is now in full swing and with it comes a host of social engagements, parties and festivities. With one of the year’s biggest parties just around the corner, deciding where to celebrate and which bubbly to toast with may be some of the year-end’s easier choices.

Deciding what to wear however seems to be somewhat more daunting. “Festive attire”, “Creative Black tie” and “Black Tie optional” are popping up more frequently on invitations leaving one in a quandary on how to finish the year off with a bang. The velvet blazer is the perfect option to handle this latest party fashion dilemma.

Today’s velvet blazer is quite versatile coming in a variety of styles, colors and patterns with fits ranging from the traditional to the slimmer modern cut. And since many designers and labels have incorporated velvet into their lines, these jackets are hitting all price points enabling them to accommodate most everyone’s budget.

The trick then becomes pulling off a look that will have you ringing in the New Year with style. From casual to “Black Tie Optional” the right jacket paired with some choices pieces will have you singing “Auld Lang Syne” with sophistication and grace. You might not be able to sing but at least you’ll be on the top of the best-dressed list.

Casual Look #1

The event says casual but you still want to make an impression. A blazer worn over a crisp white shirt is just the ticket. Add a pair of dark jeans and some statement high-tops and you’re ready for a night on the town. Feeling a little too dressy for the occasion? Dress down a little more with good t-shirt.

The Casual Look #2

Some of the nice qualities about the latest crop of velvet blazers are the patterns and textures that are currently available. Worn over a black shirt with black trousers, the jacket really becomes the focal point of the look. No tie is necessary, it would simply be a distraction.

The Festive Look

The occasion says festive so a brightly colored tie is par for the course. Stand out and own the night by coordinating your pants with a color from your tie. Slip on your blue velvet and you’re ready for the party.

The Creative Black Tie
Creative black tie allows the wearer to add his own style to this formal look. Bow ties can be substituted for ties and white tuxedo shirts can be swapped out for black. However, a shawl collared blazer in deep crimson paired with charcoal or black tuxedo pants definitely makes its own statement.

Black Tie Optional

For the traditionalist, black tie optional means black tie but affords others a chance to get away with wearing a dark suit. Wearing a black or midnight blue blazer with tuxedo pants along with a white tuxedo shirt and black bow tie keeps in the spirit of black tie. For additional flair, substitute the tuxedo pants with black watch tartan trousers.

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Buscemi, high end sneaker brand, is expanding into accessories and ready to wear

Mike Amiri with Jon Buscemi is the new head designer at Buscemi
Mike Amiri with Jon Buscemi is the new head designer at Buscemi
In a recent press release, the high end luxury sneaker brand announced the addition of Mike Amiri as head designer. His addition to the company was designed to help the company branch out into accessories and ready to wear. The announcement comes on the heels of an earlier statement that the American luxury brand would be expanding by offering a full line of women’s shoes. Buscemi’s website currently features a small collection of women’s and babies’ shoes and now plans to add handbags, backpacks, belts, headwear and ready to wear to its SS15 offerings.
Established in 2013 by Jon Buscemi, his footwear quickly burst onto the scene and has easily become a favorite of celebrities from rappers to athletes. Seen on the likes of P. Diddy, Justin Bieber and Kevin Durant, the shoes have been compared to that of the Hermes Birkin bag as many styles are adorned with golden padlocks. The sneakers are handcrafted of fine leather made in Civitanova, Italy and are typically produced in small quantities which keeps the demand great. Prices for the men’s line start around $800.00.
The high end designer high top market is hot and Buscemi shoes are one of many designer brands helping to lead this surge. In a recent article in Footwear News, the sneaker market is at the top of the footwear chain. According to Women’s Wear Daily, sneakers will continue to dominate the high-end trends at least through spring of 2015. Local retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus have seen their shoe department mix change from 1 or 2 selections to taking up one-third or more of the current shoe space. Expect to see Amiri’s debut accessory collection in Neiman Marcus Spring 2015.
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