Casual in blue and white in Slovenia

In hotel room in Slovenia

Peeking out of Hotel Gredic in Slovenia I was very excited to travel to Slovenia. The country has done an amazing job of restoring many of its buildings, artfully blending modern amenities and technologies without drastically changing the old world charm. With manors and castles dating back to the 1600’s and a picturesque countryside, it was like staying in a live action fairytale. That meant I, of course, was the handsome prince.
By Hotel Gredič in Slovenia The well at Hotel Gredič in Slovenia My first stop was in Brda, staying at the Hotel Gredič. a restored manor complete with full wine cellar. The cellar was apropos, as the area is a great wine grape growing region with thousands of vineyards dotting the landscape and is known for its Rebula wine. In addition to grapes, cherries are one of the major crops in the area and fortunately for me, they were plentiful and in season during my visit. In the lounge in Slovenia Historic steps in Slovenia My travel tip: Stick to one color theme when packing. You can mix and match more readily and it will help you to not over pack if the weight of your luggage can become an issue. This time of year, the weather in Slovenia was in the mid seventies. It was perfect springtime weather so casual slacks, polos and sweaters in shades of blue and white were my ideal pieces to bring. In hotel room chair in Slovenia

My look for Day 1 included stretch off-white slacks from Theory with a fitted striped polo from Billy Reid. Knowing that I would be doing a lot of walking I wanted to be comfortable yet casual and these pieces fit the bill. I’m not one to wear hiking boots nor running shoots with my casual looks so I thought slip-ons by Gucci complimented my look and were great for traipsing around the countryside. Steps outside hotel in Slovenia Rocking the Gucci's in Slovenia

I tend to get cold so I topped off the look with a lightweight gray jacket again from Gucci. What’s nice about this coat is that it is waterproof which came in handy during the brief rainstorm and it came with a hood that could be deftly hidden in the collar. Wearing light colors worked. Since 70% of the wine produced is white, I was in less danger of staining my clothes and not to mention, the sparkling wine was out of this world.

Old world structure in Slovenia

Mixing it up in San Jose

Seated and relaxed in San Jose
While I do love Washington, DC, it’s fun to get away from time to time. I recently jetted to the west coast for a week in San Jose for a conference. The city is an interesting juxtaposition. Founded in 1777, it is considered to be California’s oldest civilian settlement. Yet it’s also the largest city in the Silicon Valley and has over 7,000 technology companies calling it home. Thereby creating an interesting mix of the old world with the latest advances. Factor in the proximity of San Francisco and wine country, you have the making of a truly exciting location. San Jose San Jose with glasses off One of the things, I enjoyed was the fantastic sunshine during my visit. So I jumped at the chance to shoot some photos outside. For the shoot, I started with these floral pants by Gant. They are a slim cut with a cuff and rise just about at the ankle. What’s nice is that they are bold but because they’re done in blue and white, they are not too over the top. San Jose awaiting good things Looking away in San Jose I think simplicity is the key to rocking any statement piece such as these floral pants. A crisp white shirt and blue blazer was all that’s needed to achieve my San Jose look, creating my own juxtaposition with a classic shirt and blazer look with attention grabbing pants. Folding the sleeve up and not wearing cufflinks is a great way to keep the look casual. Both the shirt and the jacket (part of a suit) are by Theory. My shoes were by Soludos. I opted for espadrilles however I think black loafers would work just as nicely. San Jose looking cool San Jose - legs up As soon as I picked up these pants, I knew that these were going to get lots of wear. The question that kept coming up was, “What are you going to wear them with?” “Confidence,” has been my quick response.

San Jose 8  Photos by William Cardoza (Atelierdeluxemusique) @bluecabaret)

A casual spring afternoon

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 7.50.54 PM On a recent Sunday, I spent some time with my mom, brother and his family out in Germantown, Maryland. It was a fantastic day to relax and just enjoy each other’s company. My sister in law is an avid gardener and has a nice vegetable garden and has been able to cultivate a healthy supply of fruits and vegetables for her family. Mom-Day-2 1

Knowing that I was going to be chilling with family which included playing with my niece and nephew I wanted my look to be casual yet still reflect my sensibilities. I also knew there was a possibility that we would head out to the garden but I didn’t want to give the impression that I was eager to tend to any garden activities. Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 7.50.31 PM Screen Lately, I’ve been embracing different shades of blue. In the past, I tend to stick with more traditional shades of blue such as royal or navy but I found these shorts by Santorelli in a cornflower blue have become one of my favorites. These are now one of go to pairs of shorts and the warm weather has just barely started. Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 7.47.19 PM I’ve paired it with a linen shirt from the Sak’s Fifth Avenue Collection. I like the idea of long sleeves. It’s too easy to through on a polo shirt and go and this time of year it’s not too hot to wear long sleeves. The fact that the shirt is linen means it will still be great as we move into the hotter summer months. Solodos Weaved into the striped plaid pattern is the cornflower blue to match the shorts along with eggshell blue and golden yellow. To complete the look, I opted for Solodos espadrilles. Just like the rest of my look, they are comfortable, effortless and casual. … a perfect look for a relaxed spring day. Mom-Day-Relax

CityCenterDC: Shopping mecca in downtown DC

DCFashion Fool walking to CityCenterDC I was a little concerned last year when I heard that Burberry was leaving the home it had known on Connecticut Avenue for 30 years. But fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised when I went over to discover its new location at CityCenterDC. This relatively new area in the heart of downtown Washington seems to have mastered the 3 R’s: residential, restaurants and my favorite…retail.

Sitting in front of retail at CityCenter DC The moving wall at CityCenterDC

Since last summer, I’ve watched this area grow and it’s become quite the shopping mecca. Joining Burberry are some great stores including Hugo Boss, Salvatore Ferragamo, Vince and Allen Edmunds to name a few. It’s great to know that Washingtonians do not have to venture out of the city to experience fine shopping. In addition, the bustling spot is also a great place to eat once your shopping marathon is finished. Hugo Boss details

I love downtown DC and on a recent early morning took the opportunity to walk around the Center. Since it’s spring, I chose a light colored bluish grey suit. A darker blue paisley tie and lapel flower seem to pop against the suit color when contrasted against the crisp whiteness of my shirt and pocket square. Lighter color suits with dark accent pieces work well this time of year. The entire look is with the exception of the lapel pin is by Hugo Boss. Lapel pin is by Hook & Albert. DCFashion Fool by moving wall at CityCenterDC Hanging in the park at CityCenterDC

I had previously spent some time at CityCenterDC during the winter for the lighting of the Center’s Christmas tree last December. The lighting featured a stunning tree with live entertainment and attendees were encouraged to bring nonperishable food items for the benefit of the DC Central Kitchen, a truly fantastic community event but very chilly. Phone check at CityCenterDC

Since it was a beautiful spring day, it was the perfect chance to really walk around the area. Actually it was probably one of the few times I wasn’t in one of the stores. Instead, I checked out the cool moving wall, watch dogs frolic in the fountains and just relaxed in the park. It really is a fascinating downtown spot. 2

Two favorite swimsuits for the summer!

DCFashion Fool in Playa Swim Shorts

I’m happy that summer is almost here! I’m looking forward to rocking lots of new swimwear looks. The winter clothes have been packed away and I’m ready to spend some time in the sun and I found a couple of swimsuit favorites.

It’s hard to believe it’s just 10 days before Memorial Day which is essentially the start of the summer season. For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve spent most of my summer weekends in Dewey and Rehoboth beaches however this year a change is in the air. Swim2

It’s somewhat bittersweet but I will be not returning to my beach share that I’ve have called my summer home for many years. I feel like an actor on a TV show who’s opted not to renew his contract for the upcoming season. But change is good and I’m looking forward to new adventures, new activities and meeting new incredible people this summer. 2015-04-01_3_151-2560x3840

What has not changed is my love for the water or at least being near the water. I’m still looking forward to hitting the beach or dipping into an inviting pool over the next few months. That’s why I was excited when I had a chance to review some of the latest swimwear by Andrew Christian. The company known for its fantastic underwear has a great selection of styles designed for all body shapes. Playa Shorts detail

I love these Playa Swim shorts, somewhat nautical and somewhat patriotic. I wanted a longer swimsuit and something simple in design. These classic board shorts fit the bill! Even though I can’t surf at least I can look the part.

Andrew Christian 25% off DCFashion Fool in Molikai bikiniDCFashion Fool in Molikai bikini (rear view) DCFashion Fool in Molikai bikini (side view)

Sometimes I can be more daring so a bikini type suit was also in order especially since I’ll be heading to Europe shortly. I love the fluorescent bright yellow contrasting a rich blue. Although many people hate them, I’ve kind of become a fan especially since this Molika bikini, again by Andrew Christian, even makes me look pretty good.DCFashion Fool signing off

Photos: Denis Largeron Photography


Dinner in Southwest DC

DCFashion-Fool-@-Station-4 closeup  My office is business casual but I like wearing suits.  So if I have an after work function, I jump at the opportunity to dress up. The other day, I was invited to dinner at Station 4 so that meant a great opportunity to sport a fantastic tailored look. Station-4-and-DCFashion-Fool  I opted for a slim blue pinstriped suit from Isaia. As one of my coworkers remarked, “You actually look like a banker but your suit actually fits.” I like this modern cut. It’s close to the body and to top it off, it’s nicely tailored. Because of the slim fit, my crisp white dress shirt by Armani also hadthat modern cut for that slimmer fit. My tie however was a little wider resulting in a nice contrast to the shirt and suit. Since the pinstripes of the suit were so prominent, the minichecks in the tie gave it almost a solid appearance. Station-4-Details Jack-Erwin-Station-4  To finish the look, my cufflinks were by Kenneth Cole, very simple and understated. Instead of a pocket square, I opted for the lapel flower. Burgundy shoes are by Jack Erwin. These shoes are some of my new favorites. This online company is making great quality shoes at excellent price points.

If you haven’t been to Southwest DC recently, I highly recommend heading over to Station 4 for a meal. Having not ventured over to that part of town recently, I was in for quite a surprise. Gone are the old waterfront favorites such as Hogates, Phillips and Zanzibar. Instead the area is poised to be one of the next areas in DC slated for revitalization.   

I was invited for dinner and was very excited to try the menu from Chef Orlando Amaro. For the evening, he created a meal selected just for us. Starting with a Golden Oyster, followed by Spring Toast then Lobster Salad leading up to a Bacon Chop served family style. Everything tasted as beautiful as it looked. There was almost no room for the Lemon Curd Gingerbread dessert. I said almost. If you’re heading to the Arena Stage, hit Station 4 first for their Pre Theater Dinner menu. A complete meal featuring first course, main course and dessert is $35. 


The Virginia Gold Cup: A Day at the Races

DCFashion-Fool-all-smiles at the Virginia Gold Cup
Members Hill at the Virginia Gold Cup

The Virginia Gold Cup is one of those annual traditions that many Washingtonians look forward to attending. While some go to bet on the horses, others are there to check out what everyone is wearing. While the first week of May can be iffy weather-wise, this year proved to be an ideal spring day and people dressed accordingly.

DCFashion Fool Closeup at the Virginia Gold Cup DC-Fashion-Fool-on-Members-Hillat the Virginia Gold Cup DCFashion-Fool-on-fence at the Virginia Gold Cup

Normally, I’m double booked this time of year and haven’t been able to partake in the Virginia Gold Cup festivities however this year when the opportunity came, I jumped at the chance to be a part of Member’s Hill. My major concern was to find something to wear befitting the day and warrant an invitation back in the future. Tom-Ford-pants-at- Virginia Gold Cup

I opted for floral slacks by Tom Ford in shades of lavender, purple and blue. They’re pretty bold and flashy but I loved the coloring and liked the idea of wearing flowers for the beginning of May. To kind of soften the attention grabbing pants, I found a lavender linen blazer by Peter Millar. It’s soft constructed and perfect for spring and summer. My dress shirt in an almost shade lighter lavender was by Thomas Pink.

closeup at the Virginia Gold Cup

While a lot of guys opted for a bow tie, I chose a skinny tie by Hugh and Crye. It was a little different than the norm and the purple in the tie helped to bring out the purple in my pants. Finishing off my look were chukka boots by Prada, straw hat by Ralph Lauren, aviator sunglasses by Gucci and white lapel flower by Hook & Albert. (Unfortunately in my revelry, I lost the lapel flower.) Leaning-at-the- Vriginia Gold Cup Smiling at the Virginia Gold Cup

Did I succeed in my quest to warrant an invitation back to the Virginia Gold Cup? I believe so but only time will tell! Walkiing-at- Virginia Gold Cup


Blue for Blue Duck Tavern

DC Fashion Fool walking to Blue Duck Tavern Tuesday was a perfect spring evening to check out the terrace at the Blue Duck Tavern. This is an ideal time to head over to the West End. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the ducks that have taken up residence in the pond out front. It’s as if they were paid to hangout out for the entertainment of visitors to the terrace. DCFashionFool w/duck DCFashionFool checking time Details from Blue Duck Tavern attire

Since I was going to the Blue Duck, I opted to wear a blue suit. My tonal striped tailored suit by Armani (similar) gives the impression of seersucker but with a modern take. A crisp slim fit Armani dress shirt served as the backdrop for my killer bow tie (similar) by Ralph Lauren. I loved how the pastel colors popped against the white and dark blue. Monk strap shoes are by Jimmy Choo.

   I went to Blue Duck for a sampling of the menu which was absolutely phenomenal.  Executive Chef Ryan LaRoche and Chef du Cuisine Brad Deboy really know what they are doing creating scrumptious delicacies such as blue-crab hushpuppies, white asparagus soup, and spring pea salad to a slow-roasted porchetta which was aptly named the “Lamborghini of pork.” Not only that, the restaurant has cheese monger, Sophie Slesinger for a fantastic assortment of seasonal cheeses and Pasty chef Naomi Gallego’s desserts are not to be missed. DC Fashion Fool seated at Blue Duck Tavern