Wowing in white for Dîner en Blanc

Walking-hat-off Dîner en Blanc Saturday marks the return of Dîner en Blanc, the world’s largest party to Washington, DC. Last year since I received my invitation late, I had to scramble to put together a white outfit. This year with some planning, I think I’ve come up with a terrific ensemble.

Dîner en Blanc Details Dîner en Blanc ready Since I don’t have many opportunities to wear a white suit, I was a little hesitant about buying one so I decided to piece together a tailored look. I had a pair of white cotton Gucci pants that surprisingly I have been able to keep white so these were the start of my look. Next was the hunt for good blazer. I found a great one by Sand, a brand out of Copenhagen. Their Spring/Summer collection had a relaxed Miami feel and Fall/Winter 2015 looks fantastic.

Dîner en Blanc
Next up was a shirt and tie. Since my “suit” was a simple cotton white look, I added some tonal contrasting patterns to my tie, shirt and pocket square. This helped to give my outfit a more formal look. Some people try to sneak in pops of color but since this is an “all white” dinner party, I wanted to adhere to the strict guidelines. The rules of Dîner en Blanc should always be followed.

Dîner en Blanc close up details Dîner en Blanc shoes I definitely wasn’t going to forget the accessories. I love my Gucci aviator sunglasses. These have served me well this summer and I rarely go anywhere without them so it’s perfect that they are part of my look. Also by Gucci are my white high tops. While white dress shoes would look really well with this suit, I opted against them for two reasons. First, I wanted to pick pieces that could easily be worn again and again. Secondly, because Dîner en Blanc’s location is a secret and I have to carry my table, chairs and picnic,there’s no telling how far I’ll have to walk. These high tops fit the bill for both reasons.
Dîner en Blanc Posed
Lastly, came the hat. The Dobbs Gate fedora was really a splurge and the brim is a bit wider than what I usually wear. However I think it completes my look really well. I’m looking forward to the elegant affair. And now I’m ready for any white party that may be coming including the next Dîner en Blanc. I’ll wait for my invitation Mr. Diddy!
Strike-a-pose for Dîner en Blanc


White cotton trousers, aviator sunglasses and high-tops: Gucci; White cotton blazer: SandWhite tonal dress shirt: Neiman Marcus; Tie and pocket square: Vittorio Farina; Watch: Timex; Straw fedora: Dobbs Fifth Avenue (similar)

Standing Dîner en Blanc

Laid back in Key West

Travel to Key West On my latest trip to Key West, I wanted to just relax and take it easy. With very few little planned, my main goal was to lounge by a pool and drink cocktails. I’ve easily adopted the laidback kind of attitude that this captivating resort town is known for. And while I did accomplish my goal, I did get out a bit and took advantage of what this Florida hotspot has to offer. Sunning by the pool in Key West Lounging by the pool in Key West
First of all, I’m not one to walk so the best way to get around town was on scooters. I love renting from Moped Hospital (601 Truman Avenue). The guys there did a great job. They are super friendly and the bikes were well maintained. A bonus was that they were easy to reach when my bike had issues.
Scooter by Southermost Point, Key West, FL

Once on the bike, the first thing I did was to do is a bit of shopping. Hey, I’m not called the Fashion Fool for nothing. One of my favorite places is Evolution (701 Duval Street). You’ve got to love a store with a monkey for a mascot. I love the mix of brands and you could find everything for anything you want to do in Key West. Travel on deck in Key West

But shopping wasn’t the only thing I enjoyed on my recent stay. Since I’m now adept on motorized vehicles on land, it was only naturally to hit the water as well. Next up was jet skiing around the island. The tour by Barefoot Billy’s Key West (Casa Marina Resort – 1500 Reynolds Street) was fantastic. It was a small group and I got to quench my need for speed.
Jet Skiing in Key West

It’s easy to work up an appetite when you’re on vacation. Key West has lots of fantastic places to find a bite to eat. On this trip, Banana Café (1215 Duval Street) and Sandy’s Café  (1026 White Street) were added to my list of favorites. And after a full day of activities, there was nothing better than to watch the sunset aboard a boat sipping wine. Danger Charters (245 Front Street)  is anything but dangerous. A small boat with a knowledgeable wine staff makes this evening cruise a perfect way to end the day. Wine cruise in Key West Relaxed on the cruise in Key West

For this trip as with most of my travel, I opted for a one-color scheme in my clothing choices. It makes mixing and matching my looks easy and I can travel a bit lighter. This time, it was blues and whites. I did have a little bit of color in my swimsuit for a bit of pop and my tan travel blazer could work with most of my looks. Jet ski in Key West


Tan travel blazer: Brett Johnson Collection, Tee shirt & Jeans: DSTLD, Black loafers: Prada, Straw hat: Gucci, Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Swimsuit: Andrew Christian, Straw hat: Gucci, Sunglasses: Dior

Blue line shirt & Off-white trousers: Armani Collezioni,; Floral slip-on loafers: Gucci

Blue & white board shorts: Vilebrequin,; Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Linen blue and white shirt: Luca d’Alteri for Coin Excelscior; Blue linen shorts: Santorelli; Blue espadrilles: Soludos Pool-side

Looking nautical in Yards Park

Close-up-in-Yards-Park I love a nautical look. Although stores are beginning to put out their fall fashions, there’s still plenty of summer left. We are only in the first few weeks of August and as history has shown, we can still expect to have some hot sunny days ahead. So with several hot and humid August days on the horizon, there’s no need to rush to put away your summer wardrobe just yet. On-the-stairs Overlooking-the-water

For most of these toasty days, you can get away in shorts, tee shirt and flip-flops; however there are times when you’ll need to up your game. An event may call for a blazer but no need to fear, you can easily pull off a great summer look and still remain cool and collected. Seated-at-Yards-Park Seated1

One of the hot trends and a perennial favorite this summer has been a nautical inspired look. Navy blue, whites or creams with nautical stripes have been a popular trend partly because the image is crisp and clean and also creates a nice polished look. By-the-Battleship Prior to a recent evening out, I ventured over to Yards Park. One of the newest destinations in Washington, the park is located in the Capitol Riverfront area in southeast DC adjacent to Nationals’ Stadium. With a gorgeous backdrop along side the water and featuring a battleship and iconic bridge, it was the ideal setting to showcase my nautical inspired look. Glasses-long-shot Glass-on-the-bridge

The highlight of my look was a cream blazer with bold stripes on the lapel with navy piping accents. The design is Gucci’s modern take on the nautical look. If the stripes on the lapel are too subtle for your taste, the jacket can be reversed and worn with stripes throughout the entire coat. Yards-Park-bridge

For some occasions, ties aren’t always required so I paired the blazer with a matching cream color tee shirt. Adding a blazer during this time of year doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be overcome with heat and a simple lightweight tee can be a perfect compliment to a blazer look. Should your event be inside, a jacket might be just the ticket to ward off the chill in an overly air-conditioned building. Walking-Long-view Walking-the-bridge

Completing the look were lightweight navy trousers and black loafers. While I chose black, white sneakers or navy or cream loafers would work just as nicely. Details Jacket-Details


Cotton reversal cream with navy striped blazer: Gucci, lightweight cream tee-shirt: John Varvatos, navy straight legged trousers: Armani, Gancio bit loafer: Salvatore Ferragamo, sunglasses: Tom Ford DCFashion-Fool-by-the-Battlship-look-2

Floral for the winery

Full-barrell-pic One of the great things about the Washington area is the variety of activities going on in and around the city. While the area may not have the cache as Napa or Sonoma for its wines, there are a few good wineries located a stone’s throw from our Nation’s Capital. Walking-through-the-trellis By-the-trellis

One of these wineries is Paradise Springs Winery. Located in Clifton, Virginia this winery is one of the closest to the Washington area. And with wine tastings daily, a gorgeous patio that features live music along with sprawling lawns, Paradise Springs is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon and as an added plus, the wines are good. Wine-Pour By-the-barn

I recently ventured out of the city with a few close friends and headed to the winery to just enjoy a relaxing getaway. Although it was hot summer day, I wanted to look casual but something a bit more than a t-shirt and shorts and also dressed to handle the elements. I tend to get cold in air conditioned buildings and I figured the tasting room would be chilly so I chose a floral blazer. A blazer can dress up a casual outfit and this floral one is a light of fun and perfect for this summer season.  It added a bit of pizazz to my overall look. Barrel By-the-barrell

Nice light colors are an ideal choice for the hazy hot and humid days of August. I paired the jacket with bright yellow shorts which brought out the yellow in the jacket over a white Johnny collar polo. I like a Johnny collar over a button polo because I feel that it has a sleeker more modern look. Knowing we would be outside, I wore a straw boater hat to protect my bald heat from the blazing sum. The blazer and hat prove that you don’t have sacrifice great style for function. DCFashion-Fool-close-up By-the-vineyards Details

Floral blazer:  WD-NY Black available at Target; white Johnny collar slim fit polo: Armani Collezioni; bright yellow cotton shorts – Polo Ralph Lauren, denim blue espadrilles:  Soludos; Straw web band boater hat and sunglasses: Gucci.