Perfectly Suited: A Great Tailored Look

1 At Fashion Week events, the goal of many in New York is to wear outlandish and over the top looks in an effort to attract the paparazzi and become the latest street style darling. While that’s all well and good, I prefer to showcase my style that looks good and works well everywhere I go. What I wore in New York is the same thing that works for me at home. 8 3

As I hit the end of my New York Fashion Week looks, I couldn’t help but choose a great tailored look. For most of the week, I was trying to do different takes on the suit such as using a lightweight puffer or moto jacket in place of a blazer. And on one day I was more laidback by wearing a patterned casual shirt, no tie and high-tops. While these looks were edgy and fun, I found myself heading back to a traditional suited look. 13
I like a navy suit and this time I picked for a double-breasted suit. I like to think of this as my power suit but it’s not like the power suits that were popular in the eighties. Gone are the big shoulder pads and bulkiness that was popular nearly thirty years ago. The updated version has a much more modern fit with much softer shoulders I’m actually a fan of this style because for a tall guy, I’m 6’2”; it has a nice sliming effect. 9 9

A great suit especially if it’s tailored well can make you feel like a million dollars. Even a less expensive suit can look amazing when it’s adjusted to your body. Since most men are not exactly off the rack size, slight alterations can make all the difference in the world. 12

When buying a suit you’ll want to make sure it fits in the shoulders; too big and you will recapture look of the eighties. Too small and you could end up looking like a human sausage. You will also probably need to shorten the sleeves. You should look to show about ¼ to ½ an inch of your dress shirtsleeve. Next the waist may need to be taken in. You want to create a V-shape in your upper body and shift away from a more boxy look of the off the rack suit.

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For the pants, you may need to have them taken in or let out. You may be able to get around this if the suit is sold as separates which many brands now do. Finally the pants should be hemmed. Here you have a variety of choices cuff or no cuff and also how much ankle do you want to show which is the break. If it’s Thom Browne then the answer is a lot (no break). I tend to go for a slight break or no break that essentially means my socks or in this case my ankles will show. This works well with more modern cut suits.

6 14

Double-breasted navy tonal pinstripe suit: Armani; Striped dress shirt: Polo; Geometric patterned tie: Turnbull and Asser; Lapel Pin: Hook and Albert; Dress shoes: Louis Vuitton


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Try brown. It’s a great color for Fall

21 Many people are not a fan of brown but I think it’s a great color especially when worn in different shades.  I wanted to try out this look as part of my New York Fashion Week looks. 8 11

I’m pretty sure I styled this look when I found Armani moto jacket. For me, I can get inspired by one garment and build a whole look around it. The jacket is a mixed leather and cotton jacket, a great fall transition piece. It’s very lightweight and a fantastic muted shade of brown. 16

When I picked it up, I just figured I’d wear it with blue denim. Knowing that I was going to attend the St. Jude Heart of Fashion Event at Neiman Marcus, I wanted to wear something by the featured designer, Brunello Cucinelli. Since 99% of his incredible clothes are out of my price range, I settled for a tie. Cucinelli tends to stick with earth tone colors and the narrow tie with its subtle retro pattern really caught my eye. 9 22

Instead of blue denim, I opted to pair the jacket and tie with dusty brown twill jeans from AG. I decided to go with a more tonal look creating my “tailored” suit. This was sticking to my urban suit look as with my previous NYFW look. This time, my leather moto jacket took the place of a traditional blazer.  I finished the look with the Buscemi Oceanic high top.  Here’s where I added a hint of color with the blue from my shoe. IG

This ensemble is a terrific business casual look that will work this fall. It is just right combination of style and comfort for surviving a business work day and easily transitioning into an evening of fun. 5



Moto jacket: Armani; Dress Shirt: Brooks Brothers; Brown patterned tie: Burnello Cucinelli; Jeans: AG Jeans; High tops: Buscemi; Sunglasses: Tom Ford.

Fall weather in Moncler

14 It’s funny during Fashion Week people wear the craziest things to get noticed. I’m typically not one to jump on that band wagon, I’m usually the guy in the suit but for this season, I did want to try something different. 6

However not wanting to break away from the “suited look”, I figured I’d try different types of coats to attain what I’d like to call an urban suit look. On one of the cooler days, I opted to sport a Moncler jacket. Even though it was filled with down, this jacket is a perfect transition into fall. It was very lightweight and as the day turned to evening, it served me well on the top of Hotel Hugo’s rooftop for the Pop Sugar Party. It really helped to fight off the chill in the air that night

4 7 The real reason I wanted to wear the jacket was to show my support for Moncler’s Art For Love Fashion Photograph exhibit. The incredible exhibit featured works from iconic photographers each interpreting the Moncler jacket. The exhibit and silent auction was for the benefit of amfar’s ‘Countdown to a Cure’, the aim of which is to find a cure for AIDS by 2020. IMG_1203

White shirt and sneakers with jeans was a simple but fun look. For a tie, I thought I’d rock a bow tie. Yes it was a different look for me but I felt that it worked. 12 11


Jacket: Moncler lightweight down jacket; White dress shirt:  Brooks Brothers; Red polka dot bow tie:  Bull and Moose; Denim Jeans: J Brand; White sneakers: Prada; Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Watch: Daniel Wellington

Dressing for New York Fashion Week

3 New York Fashion Week is an interesting time of year especially this season. First, was the move out the tents from Lincoln Center, which was not 100% surprising. This year many of the shows where held at Skylight at Moynihan Station – 360 West 33rd Street, Skylight Clarkson Square -558 Washington Street and even at Chelsea Piers. But with some many shows going on, many other locations held events as well. So the question for attendees was how to I look good and make it from show to show. 2 4

The second reason was the anticipation of what the new venues would mean. For Spring 2016, it meant less people were credentialed for the shows, many people didn’t get into shows they normally were invited to attend and then the spottiness of the Internet connections where social media is the lifeblood for many in attendance. Despite all of that there’s still a genuine excitement to attending the events and seeing the fashions coming down the runway. And again the question is how do I look good while attending? 13 16

Along with the challenge of looking good was the task of getting around to the shows. Lots of Ubers, lots of cab and even walking and that was just Day 1! What’s also interesting is that among the glamour and high fashion of the runway shows and presentations, there’s also a wonderful juxtaposition to the grittiness of New York.

While in between shows, I found a neat place to shoot one of my New York Fashion Week looks. I’m a fan of a tailored suited look. Normally accompanied by with a dress shirt, tie and maybe a lapel flower or pocket square. However for this season, I wanted to loosen things up a bit. Opting for a more casual shirt, no tie and instead of dress shoes, high top sneakers. 14 15

For fall, I like grays and blues and think this combination worked really well. The label flower pin was my pop of color and was a nice addition. Also were the high-tops. These multicolor high tops by Buscemi added the final kick to complete the whole look. 10 11


Suit: Pants and Blazer by Theory  Dress Shirt: Prada; Floral Label Pin: Super Rag Doll Designs; High-tops:  Buscemi 8

Floral blazer in the Woods

Billy Reed floral blazer  in the Woods It’s hard to believe summer’s coming to an end so I want to take my floral blazer out again. Although I’m enjoying this beautiful Labor Day weekend, I’m just not ready to let go of the great summer looks that I have loved sporting this season. One of my favorite themes for this summer has been floral print. I just think it’s been great for the season and I’m just not ready to put them away yet. On the fence in a floral blazer Billy Reid floral blazer by the water

For my latest look, I spent the afternoon in Rock Creek Park. Rock Creek is a wonderful part of Washington with great running trails and exercise spots, fantastic picnic areas and terrific green spaces that you would not normally expect to see in the city. It was a nice backdrop to show the rusticness of the outdoors against the boldness of the floral look. Billy Reed floral blazer in Rock Creek Sitting on the rocks in a floral blazer

Looking for an evening night out look? Try a blazer with jeans. You can stand out with a bold pattern over some dark denim. I am a big fan of Billy Reid and love this blazer for a number of it reasons. First is the floral pattern with its shades of blue over a cream background. It definitely makes a statement and guarantees that you’ll stand out in the crowd. Secondly, the color of the jacket is cream which means, I can continue to wear it after Labor Day while the weather still leans towards the summer temperatures. And lastly, the jacket pattern has great texture and makes it something more special. Closeup of the floral blazer Closeup 2 of the Billy Reid floral blazer

Because there’s some flash with the jacket, I chose to pair it with dark denim, white shirt and solid tie. No need to add additional patterns else the look may be too busy. Raw denim is a good choice because it starts out nice and dark, wearing over time as you break them in. It also creates a clean look. For my look, I choice a straight leg pair by DSTLD jeans. What’s great about these is there’s a bit of stretch to them for added comfort. Billy Reid floral blazer & Dstld jeans from the back walking Dstld

One of the most important things to have in your closet is a crisp white shirt. Not only is it great for complimenting casual styles but also it’s the perfect go to piece for the occasion calls for something more formal. Here my dress shirt is by Armani. Finally, a solid blue tie helps to showcase the blue in the blazer. This one is by Hugo Boss. In this look, it’s okay to be the center of attention. Sometimes you’re worth it. Billy Reid floral blazer look Billy Reid floral blazer


Blazer: Billy Reid Burnette Creme Blue Blazer; Jeans: DSTLD Straight Leg Indigo Raw Denim; Dress Shirt: Armani Collezioni White Modern Fit Poplin Shirt; Tie: Hugo Boss Dark Blue in Italian Silk, Lapel Pin: Hook and Albert; Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo Bit Loafer; Sunglasses: Gucci Aviator

Floral blazer from the back