Patterned by design for Winter

GN5C2992 GN5C3040 GN5C2951 There’s nothing I like better than dressing in a nicely tailored look and I love a great suit. My problem is that I tend to stick to blues, grays and blacks. I do try to spice them up with great shirt and tie combinations but sometimes I want to shake things up. That’s why it’s nice to throw a patterned suit into the mix of your wardrobe. Sometimes it’s a good idea to break away from the old routine.

A great patterned suit can add some variety to your closet. If you’re like me and have several suits, you tend to stick with the same color palette so to spice thing up why not add something a little different in your arsenal? For me, I opted from a light brown window paned suit since many of my suits are in the darker range (think blues, grays and blacks). By wearing a darker, suit, I tend to let my shirt/tie combination take center stage in my look.

GN5C2943 GN5C2940

A suit like this one can becomes the focal point and now my shirt/tie combination become the enhancements. This windowpane look really stands out in this light brown color. And just because the suit has a big bold pattern, I didn’t shy away from combining it with a patterned shirt as well. Notice though that the check of the shirt is a much smaller design so that the design of the shirt isn’t competing with the design of the suit but rather complimenting it. In addition, this lighter color combined with the pink in the shirt, tie and pocket square adds a brightness to the look . This helps to make the look stand out apart from the darker colors normally associated with Fall/Winter.

GN5C2969 GN5C2962 GN5C3041

The bold lines in the suit also have architectural feel. I shot this look at the end of Georgetown on the Key Bridge where the bridge mimics the same architectural feel of the suit with the green railing fence of the bridge and this also holds true for the railing of the steps from the adjacent park. I loved shooting in this part of town and it turned out to be the ideal seating for capturing the essence of my tailored look.

GN5C2979 GN5C3017

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Photography by John Robinson Photography – Check him out!!!

Functional fashion for winter

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Now that winter has finally hit, it’s the perfect opportunity to whip out that winter clothing that has been desperately waiting to be freed from the closet. Thick sweaters, boots and gloves are now in hot demand and it is the great time to hit the stores to pick up some extra pieces. Many stores are discounting winter clothing and we still have days of cold weather to face.

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I picked up this sweater for two reasons. First I wanted a thick chunky sweater for the winter season. I tend to run cold, so thick wool sweaters are a mainstay for me when the weather hits the frigid temperatures. Secondly, I wanted something fun and what could be more fun than large fish on a thick winter knitwear?The large fish, or are they whales, make for a whimsical look and were a perfect attention grabber for a walk around the park. This knitwear is actually a zip front jacket and would work nicely with a button down shirt worn underneath but I like it with the zipper pulled up giving it a mock turtleneck feel.

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? I wanted to make the sweater pop so I paired it with ivory pants. Although not denim, this 5 pocket style mimics a jeans look and keeps the outfit casual. I finished my outfit with a great pair of waterproof boots and aviator sunglasses.

Walking around Dupont Circle, one of DC’s iconic locations, I couldn’t help but think that this look would work well once the snow hits. A chunky sweater for warmth, waterproof boots from combating the snow and sunglasses to fight glare only proves that fashion can also be functional.

8 5

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Lambswool Blend Handknit Jacket – Gant; 5 Pocket slacks – Theory; Waterproof hiking boots – Polo by Ralph Lauren; Aviator sunglasses – Prada


Photography by John Robinson Photography – Check him out!!!

Heading to New York in BarIII

What do you do when you stranded during a snow blizzard? Well if you’re a lifestyle fashion blogger, you do what you do best…online shop. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with finding some great vests. Whether it’s worn with a 3-piece suit or just a vested look on it’s own, the look is very versatile.

Popped over to Macy’s Online because BarIII is graciously gifting me with a look. Hopefully it’ll will arrive in time to make the trip up to New York Fashion Week Mens. Stay tuned!

Bar III Olive Multi-Check Slim-Fit Vest, Only at Macy’s • Bar III • $64.99
Bar III Merlot Dobby-Textured Dress Shirt, Only at Macy’s • Bar III • $34.99
Bar III Amber Paisley Tie, Only at Macy’s • Bar III • $29.99
Bar III Midnight Blue Slim-Fit Pants • Bar III • $94.99

Great attire for a Sunday Brunch


When the invitation said to “Dress in Your Holiday Finest.” I wasn’t sure what to expect when I headed to the Winter Holiday Brunch. Technically, it’s January so my holiday party clothes have made all the rounds and Washington this time of year has been unseasonably warm so much of my winter looks have remained untouched. Still I knew I had to bring my ‘A’ game look to this event where I knew everyone would be dressed to impressed.

Sometimes it’s not about wearing what new, now or next, it’s more about artfully blending what you already have to create a fantastic look. For Christmas, I received this incredible bow tie and as soon as I found out it was inspired by Calvin Harris, I was going to wear. The trick was to find the right clothes to go with it.

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I paired the tie with the ‘Matsu’ shirt from Hugh and Crye, one of my favorite places for grabbing dress shirts. Starting with shirts, this Washington based retailer has branched out into accessories as well as blazers, all very reasonably priced. Since I didn’t wanted to wear a jacket and a sweater would have been too warm, I opted for a vest. Vests like this blue pinstriped one look great when worn with a simple pair of jeans. To finish my look, marbled tassel loafers. I was prepared!

1 One of my secrets when I shop is I tend to buy things separately. It’s rare that I set out to buy an outfit. In my head, I have a picture of my closet in my head and I’ll buy things that I think will work well with what I have or I‘d like to match in the future. I like this approach because I feel buying an outfit limits how your clothes are worn. You always wear the same shirt with the same pants. While sometimes that’s okay, I like the possibility of options.


By the way, the brunch was fantastic! Hosted by the lovely Ashley Hafstead, her blog Chicville USA ( highlighting her travel, fashion and home is one to watch. Our other host was Nate Everett, whose love of food has inspired him to launch his on blog, Spice and Hutch. Be on the look for it, it’s launching soon!


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Bow tie: Knot by Tiffa; Blue black glen plaid dress shirt: Hugh and Crye; Blue pinstriped dress vest: RRL by Ralph Lauren, Jeans – 505 Levis; Marbled tassel loafers: Jimmy Choo


Feeling like a million in a 3-piece suit

9 I haven’t had a three-piece suit in years and I’ve been a little hesitant to purchase a new one. I think it’s because to me it always seemed so formal and I don’t think I necessarily fit the image (unless I’m sporting a tux). That’s not to say I wouldn’t wear just a vest. I think worn without a jacket, a simple vest is always in vogue. 10 6

Recently I stumbled across an amazing three-piece suit and because the deal was so phenomenal I couldn’t pass it up. It is a gorgeous charcoal Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit. The material feels incredible and the fit is impeccable. Don’t be afraid to hit some of the high end stores this time of year, you can find some fantastic deals. My suit was marked down and then an additional 80% off.

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Despite all these positives, the suit languished in my closet. So the other day with no special occasion, I decided I was going to wear it. As soon as I put it on I felt like a million bucks. I think my initial hesitation was because the suit is charcoal and the addition of a vest makes the look seem very dark. Cover

To combat the darkness and to spruce it up, I added a light tonal striped shirt and a bright blue tie. I loved this combination and I’m eager to find some other shirt and tie combinations to keep my look fresh and up today. What are your thoughts? I’d love some suggestions from you. 7 11

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Charcoal three-piece suit – Ralph Lauren Purple Label ; White tonal striped dress shirt – Burberry; Blue paisley tie – Stefano Ricci; Double monk-strap shoes: John Lobb


Photography by John Robinson Photography – Check him out!!!

The essential winter accessory: the chunky scarf

Who knew that the Mid Atlantic wouldn’t really hit the winter chill until the beginning of the New Year? I like to pick up things early each season so I have had some things in my closet that I’ve been dying to wear. Unfortunately it’s been way too warm. One of things I’ve wanted to break out is my new favorite scarf.

A chunky scarf is a must have addition for the cold winter months for a variety of reasons. Worn with a great outer coat, a scarf can add an additional layer of warmth to fight the chill. It also serves to protect the neck where a coat or hat can fall slightly short. Sometimes it can substitute for a coat if the weather doesn’t warrant full outer gear. The scarf may be just the added kick to fight off a little chill. Lastly, it’s a great way to finish off a look. Since many winter coats come in blacks, grays and blues, it can add a little pizzazz to your coat game.

I’m a big fan of the extra long wool scarf by Armani. This chunky scarf comes in blue in white and simulates the feel of your favorite thick wool sweater. The two-tone creation features a long strip of white and blue on the sides of the scarf with the two colors blended together in the middle. The scarf also comes in similar design but in gray and deep red as the two colors.


The scarf looks great worn without a coat. I wore my over a blue and white sweater, which echoed the pattern of the middle stripe of the scarf but with just a little tighter pattern. It also looked great worn with my peacoat and it would also be a great addition over a longer winter coat.

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Now Is a great time to grab a scarf. You can find a great one in a variety of price points. With the holidays over and winter weather hitting later than expected, many retailers and brands have begun marking down their winter wear so you should be able to find a great deal. Check out selections from Asos, William Rast, Hugo Boss, DSquared and Scotch & Soda.


Wool Sweater: Burberry; Straight leg slacks: Burberry; Peacoat: Burberry; Metallic tasseled loafers: Jimmy Choo; Chunky Wool Scarf: Armani Collezioni (alternative)