Nick Graham: NYFWM A/W 2016

Hanging at Hotel Indigo LES

The front of Hotel Indigo from Ludlow Street
One of the challenges of New York Fashion Week is finding a great place to stay while in New York. With a week now dedicated to men and a change . in venue from the Lincoln Center, I wanted to find a great location for a home base during my stay. Fortunately, I was able to do just that with my stay at the Hotel Indigo LES on the Lower East Side. The view from the 14th floor of the Hotel Indigo LES Lounging in the lobby of the Hotel Indigo LES

I knew the hotel had to be good just for its proximity to the famed Katz’ Deli. And yes, I did venture in for one of the famous pastrami sandwiches! Owned by the same company that owns Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and now Kimpton hotels, Hotel Indigo LES is a beautiful boutique hotel designed to pay homage to the famed street art that the Lower East Side is know for. Hotel Indigo Heart from #colorofdiscovery Artwork at the Hotel Indigo LES Artwork at the Hotel Indigo LES

I was in for a treat as soon as I walked in the front door but to my surprise the lobby is located on the 14th floor. The main entrance is used for bell hop and concierge services and it is here where you can immediately see the nod to the street art scene. While I thought this entrance was nice, it doesn’t do the lobby justice. With its open layout and exquisite view of the city from floor to ceiling windows, the lobby truly welcomes guests to the hotel.

DCFashion Fool at the Hotel Indigo The spacious lobby was a great place to start the morning and also shoot one of my NYFWM’s looks. Boasting a little café at the end for breakfast and plenty of space to sit, it was the perfect spot to read the newspaper, plan my day and do a little work. For more on the hotel, read my review. h9 The rooftop pool of the Hotel Indigo The lobby of the Hotel Indigo

For this look, I went classic tailored suiting. I chose a grey suit and used lavender hues for my pop of color which appeared in my shirt, tie, lapel flower pin as well as my socks. Sometimes grey can be a little drab but it’s easy to give it pizzazz.


The DCFashion Fool working in the lobby of the Hotel Indigo DCFashion Fool in Theory

Details/Shop My Look

Grey tonal plaid suit – Burberry; similar, Lavender dress shirt – Armani Collezioni, Lavender paisley tie – Ike Behar,  Magnolia black calf oxfords – J. Fitzpatrick, Fabrice glasses – Oren Isaac

DCFashion Fool at the Hotel Indigo LES

NYFWM: Paul Andrew A/W 2016

NYFWM: Ricardo Seco A/W 2016

Casual street style in the concrete jungle

DCFashion Fool's casual street style

It’s amazing what a difference a week makes and I knew I wanted a casual street style look. Compared to this week, last week was a virtual heat wave. The cold is usually one of the hazards of New York Fashion Week in February. Planning that perfect street style might mean the risk of getting frostbite in order to showcase your look. I can only imagine what the fashionistas are going through while NYFW is going on.

Casual street style by the DCFashion Fool Relaxed in casual street style
Fortunately, for me during NYFWM, the cold was not a hindrance. Although I planned my clothing to accommodate a winter coat (I brought four with me to New York), I never really needed any of them. I did however get to wear this fantastic vest.

DCFashion Fool's looks comfy in casual street style

For this look I opted to skip a tailored look, blow off the blazer and chose a more casual street style. Normally, when traveling I like to stick to one color scheme as I put together my outfits. This allows for more versatility in travelling and if I’m not happy with what I put together I can always mix and match for a variety of looks. Ideally, I’d pack less yet still have a variety of options.
DCFashion Fool's casual street style walk Casual street style at NYFWM

A vest has been an ideal accessory this season. It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For my look, I wore mine over a simple blue crewneck sweater and white dress shirt. Paired with a pair of tweed slacks and white-soled Timberlands I was well equipped to conquer the concrete jungle and hike from show to show.

Upclose of DCFashion Fool's casual street style Timberlands are great for a casual street style

I loved this look for its subtlety. Patterns and texture can transform a simple look and give it a little more pizzazz. The vest, which is reversible, has a tonal blue plaid pattern that worked well with the thick tweed of the pants. Also check out the boots, these new Timberlands have a fantastic basket weave pattern and white soles. Light and super comfortable, they made walking the streets of New York to get to the many shows a little more bearable.


Reversible vest: Ermenegildo Zegna; similar; White cotton shirt – Brooks Brothers; Crew Neck Sweater – Ralph Lauren; Grey tweed slacks – Jack Wills; Newmarket Ankle Boot – Timberland

Casual street style ala the DCFashion Fool

NYFWM: Brett Johnson A/W 2016

Nautica A/W 2016 Cover

NYFWM: Nautica A/W 2016

NYFWM: Joseph Abboud A/W 2016

NYFWM’s Day 2 Look


One of the most peculiar things about any Fashion Week is the street style scene. Men and women dress in some of the most outrageous get-ups in order to catch the attention of the throngs of photographers outside the show venues in the hopes of being featured as the new purveyor of fashion.


It’s interesting the lengths some go through to achieve their few seconds of fame. One guy in a particularly striking fur coat actually had someone carrying his “real” clothes saying, “I just can’t wear this anywhere. I’d feel funny walking into Starbucks dressed like this!”

6 4

I can’t lie I wouldn’t mind the attention for my style and may tend to “peacock” a tad in the hopes of being noted for my dapperness however the clothes I wear are things that I’d feel comfortable wearing everywhere. What I wore during New York Men’s Fashion Week are the same clothes that I would wear to Starbucks.


In between shows, I venture up to the park at The High Line. It’s a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. On such a beautiful day, it was nice to take a quick break and check out New York City. It was also a nice setting to take a few shots of my latest look.

16 20

This look may have been my boldest for the week but I’ve always loved a club jacket and this jacket was perfect for the day because the weather had been unseasonably warm. A nice wool blazer combined with a turtleneck was an ideal choice and I didn’t need an overcoat. And while I’m not Scottish, I am a huge fan of black watch plaid so I added these trousers. All that was needed was a pair of comfortable loafers and I set off to conquer Day 2 of Men’s Fashion Week.

14 12

And remember I said I’d loved to be the subject of street style? Well here’s my 8 seconds of fame.


Club Jacket Blazer: Ralph Lauren Polo; Ivory turtleneck: Ralph Lauren Purple Label (similar): Black watch plaid trousers: J. Crew (similar); Classic loafer: Tom Ford; Glasses: Oren Isaac


Day 1 of New York Fashion Week Men’s


For those who follow fashion it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s Fashion Week but that’s really a misnomer. It used to be twice a year when the fashion set flocked to various destinations around the world to see what’s upcoming in the world of fashion.

GN5C0830_edited-1 GN5C0814_edited-1

Well although, I’m not a fashion world traveler…yet, I still come to New York City several times a year to experience New York Fashion Week and now that menswear has been separated from women’s, these trips have become more frequent.

GN5C0811_edited-1 GN5C0904_edited-1

For the A/W 2016 season I’ve opted only to attend New York Fashion Week Men’s however that doesn’t mean that my schedule is any less hectic but I enjoy every minute of it. One of my guilty pleasures is planning what I’m going to wear as I hit the different events throughout the week.

GN5C0780_edited-1 GN5C0809_edited-1

For Day 1, I liked the idea of bright colors so I though this lavender wool blazer would be the perfect choice. Who knows maybe I’d pop up on some street style best dressed list! In keeping it light, I thought I’d be daring and pair the blazer with cram color pants. This would keep the look light. Since my blazer and jacket were solid I added pattern with my shirt and tie. It was a great look to kick off the start of New York Fashion Week Men’s.

GN5C0774_edited-1 GN5C0910_edited-1


Lavender wool blazer – Polo by Ralph Lauren; Striped shirt – Hugo Boss (similar); Patterned tie – Hugo Boss Similar;  Cream wool pants – Ralph Lauren Purple Label; White lapel flower – Hook and Albert; Brown lace-ups –  Allen Edmunds (similar)


Photography by John Robinson Photography – Check him out!!!