Hitting Georgetown in men’s spring fashion

I love that I can wear men’s spring fashion this time of year. I have to admit that I really love Fall/Winter clothes but there’s something about this year that is exciting for menswear. It seems that in Washington, we typically go right from a frigid winter to a sweltering summer. That’s why it’s always great to take advantage of the spring days when they hit.

Walking in men's spring fashion Men's spring fashion look

Georgetown in Washington, DC is one of those touristy areas in the city. Known for the shopping and restaurants along Wisconsin and M streets, this part of town is usually bustling with people. This is the where people stand in line for hours to get their hands on Georgetown Cupcakes (although I’m partial to Sprinkles) or venture down to Washington Harbor to grab a cocktail at Tony and Joe’s or enjoy a great brunch at Sequoia’s. But there is another side to this area.

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This historic area is also known for fabulous rowhomes and beautiful tree line streets. It’s here where I like to walk and check out some of the incredible homes. It’s especially nice when it’s a beautiful spring day.

men's spring fashion walking pensve in men's spring fashion

Taking the opportunity to stroll through Georgetown, I felt it was a great time to sport out some great men’s spring fashion. For this spring, don’t be afraid to work in some bright colors in your wardrobe. Men’s spring fashion is all about enjoying the warmer weather. As colorful flowers are popping up, let your wardrobe pop with bright colors as well.

Men's spring fashion details

You can be as bold like my look with the light green trousers but simple pops of color work just as nice. My bright paisley tie worn with the light blue grid shirt is another way to spruce up your men’s spring fashion look. If the green pants are too much, a shirt tie combination like mine would work with almost any color suit and still feels springy. Don’t want to wear a suit? Copy my look but substitute the green slacks for khaki ones. There’s a lot of opportunity to create some great men’s spring fashion.

mens spring fashion shoe closeup

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Blue Blazer – Theory; Grid dress shirt – Twillory; Paisley tie – Ties.com; Fuschia floral lapel pin – Ties.com; Green slacks – Bonobos; Tan suede shoes – Ferragamo (similar)

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Hit the modern trail in casual travel fashion

I’m always looking for casual travel fashion when I go on a trip. As a guy who always likes to look great, I’m surprised at what some people choose to wear when they hit the road. While I believe one should be comfortable, I’m of the school of thought that you can be comfortable and still look great.

full caual travel fashion look

I recently had the opportunity to work with Timberland in planning a travel look. I’d recently picked up a pair of their New Market Mixed Media boots and found them to be super modern and really comfortable, Naturally, if those boots were so comfortable, I was eager to see how an entire look would work.

Smiling in Casual travel fashionpg
modern trail grin

Timberland’s #ModernTrail is all about is about everyday adventures, connecting with fellow explorers and sharing what’s discovered.  What could be more perfect than to share a casual travel look? Naturally I was ready to take the challenge.

timbs sitting in travel casual fashion

My original plan was to select a look for a European trip happening later in May but when the clothes arrived, I knew I wasn’t going to wait that long. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait. An unexpected trip to Las Vegas popped and I knew I had the perfect travel gear. I was ready to rock my new casual travel fashion look.
casual travel fashion man bag; casual travel fashion

Dressing in layers is a great way to travel especially if you’re on a plane. I’m always cold so this jacket was perfect for me. It came in handy because as predicted I was cold on the plane. However while the plane was delayed on the tarmac and the air was turned off, I could easily take it off.

travel fashion details_edited-1 shoes for modern trail

Chambray and khaki are a great combination for this time of year. Casual and not too fussy and I could easily dress it up a bit by added a bow tie. Finishing up my look was a pair of canvas Timberlands. These are some of the most comfortable shoes I own and have become one of my new favorites. I predict they will be travelling a lot with me. Let’s hope I can keep them clean!

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Tenon Leather Bomber Jacket – Timberland; Allendale River Slim Fit Chambray Shirt – TimberlandSquam Lake Straight Fit Twill Chino – TimberlandNewport Bay Canvas Chukka Shoes – Timberland; Plaid Bow tie – Harrison Blake Bow Tie Club; Coronado sunglasses – Earth Wood Goods

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Blue Duck Tavern attire

A bow tie for Blue Duck Tavern attire

You know it’s spring when its time to sport your festive Blue Duck Tavern attire and dine al fresco on the restaurant’s terrace. Located in the Park Hyatt Washington in the West End, the Blue Duck Tavern is one of those hidden jewels that is not to be missed. Blue Duck Tavern attire

With an imaginative culinary staff, the restaurant uses seasonally locally sourced ingredients to create their menus. This season Executive Chef, Franck Loquet drew inspiration from strawberries and basil to create the spring menu. “The bright red of the strawberry and the distinct green of the basil are in full contrast to the colors of winter – the perfect representation of spring freshness.”

Blue Duck Tavern Blue Duck Tavern

On one of this year’s nice spring days so far, I sported my Blue Duck Tavern attire and popped over to check out this new menu. It was delicious and light and it was clear that strawberries took center stage. I fell in love with the rack of lamb and one of my favorite dishes was the goat milk ricotta gnudi. Blue Duck is one of those rare restaurants to have an inhouse cheesemonger so their cheese plates and dishes are pretty fantastic.

Blue Duck Tavern Blue Duck Tavern Blue Duck Tavern

So what is Blue Duck Tavern attire? For a nice restaurant opt for a light colored suit. Light tan works really well for this time of year with a tonal dress shirt in a slightly lighter color for a tonal look. I added a plaid green bow tie to bring in that great pop of color.

Blue Duck Tavern attire

Although they may not be blue, chances are you’ll see the occasional duck floating in the pond at the edge of the patio. This year, there seem to be three that have adopted this water spot as their go to place. Even they know it’s the place to be seen.

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Light tan suit – Hugo BossDress shirt – Burberry; Green plaid bow tie – Harrison Blake

Blue Duck Tavern attire

A striped blazer for Veuve Clicquot

DC Mens Fashion; DCFashion Fool; Veuve Clicquot, ClicquotJourney, DC Events; PineaDC, W Hotel, Striped Blazer It’s not often you can get away with a striped blazer. This is one of those pieces that you cannot wear on a weekly basis. When I had the chance to attend the Veuve Clicquot Journey at Pinea, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to break out this blazer and make a bold statement. DCFashion Fool Pinea DC Mens Fashion; DCFashion Fool; Veuve Clicquot, ClicquotJourney, DC Events; PineaDC, W Hotel, Striped Blazer
DC Mens Fashion; DCFashion Fool; Veuve Clicquot, ClicquotJourney, DC Events; PineaDC, W Hotel, Striped Blazer

The popular French champagne house is sponsoring the #ClicquotJourney, an across the country tour where guests can enjoy a night sampling their famous champagne, music and bites. Washington was fortunate enough to have 3 stops along this tour. So I gathered a bunch of friends and headed to Pinea DC at the W Hotel to enjoy the experience.

DC Mens Fashion; DCFashion Fool; Veuve Clicquot, ClicquotJourney, DC Events; PineaDC, W Hotel, Striped Blazer DC Mens Fashion; DCFashion Fool; Veuve Clicquot, ClicquotJourney, DC Events; PineaDC, W Hotel, Striped Blazer

Most DCers know the W for its amazing rooftop. It has one of the most spectacular views of the city but the hotel also boasts Pinea, a great patio and restaurant on the lower level. Chef Barry Kaslow whipped up some incredible bites for my group. The delectable selections were the perfect accompaniment to go with the Veuve Clicquot. Kudos to the staff of Pinea and the W for provided such a marvelous experience!

Pinea Food Pinea Food 3 Pinea Food2

Naturally for such an extravagant event, I had to go bold with my look. That’s where the striped blazer came in. While some may consider this a little too costumey, pairing the blue and white striped blazer with navy trousers, white shirt and tonal paisley tie helped to keep the look from being over the top. While just slightly subdued, the loot still makes a great statement. It was the perfect party attire. The bonus to the striped blazer is that it is completely reversible so I can get two looks out of one blazer, the second a cream blazer with navy trim.

DC Mens Fashion; DCFashion Fool; Veuve Clicquot, ClicquotJourney, DC Events; PineaDC, W Hotel, Striped Blazer

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Blue & white striped blazer – Gucci; Tonal paisley tie – Gucci (similar); White dress shirt – Armani Collezioni; Navy slacks – Armani Collezioni; Tassel loafers – Christian Louboutin (discounted)

Dark Star Park - suit accessories

It’s all about suit accessories

Sometimes when I dress it’s all about the suit accessories. You know the tie, lapel pin, pocket square, socks- the suit accessories. These things when coordinated properly can turn a regular blue suit into something spectacular. Adjusting suit accessories

On one of the first warm days this Spring, I took a stroll through Dark Star Park in Arlington, Virginia. The park located in Rosslyn is Arlington’s first major commissioned park. Large spheres represent fallen stars were designed to resemble fallen stars. It was a nice backdrop to showcase my navy suit along with my latest suit accessories. Dark Star pose suit accessories Street - suit accessories more street suit accessories close up - suit accessories

Harrison Blake is a monthly subscription service which offers 1 necktie + 4 accessories for $25. This is option to keeping your suit game looking fresh by constantly changing up your tie along with other suit accessories. I’ve tried them out for a couple of months and so far, I like the additional options I have when putting together combinations. Sometimes I get in a rut of wearing the same things over and over. I like the fact that I now have some added choices when putting looks together. straightening suit accessories
Lapel flower suit accessories

I like the idea of a heavily patterned shirt with a solid tie. Typically, I’ve been known to do the opposite with the tie having the pattern but I really liked this look. The other change for me for this look was wearing both a lapel flower and the pocket square. I usually do one or the other but it’s spring so why not change things up a bit from time to time? Lastly, I thought the socks were really fun. I’m loving the additional pop of color. I’m thinking this look is a winner? Your thoughts? details suit accessories socks suit accessories

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Blue suite: Armani Collezioni, Plaid shirt: Ledbury, Tie, pocket square, lapel flower, socks & tie bar(not shown) – Harrison Blake, Shoes Church’s

smiling in suit accessories

Photography by John Robinson Photography – Check him out!!!