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I’m become fascinated with the luxury sneaker market. There are some high-end high tops and brands available today. Check out my top ten list.

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by Barnette Holston at Mode

I love my high-end high tops but I have to admit, I’m typically not a sneakers kind of guy. I gravitate towards a tailored look kind of guy so sneakers don’t normally end up as part of a fashion look. If you do see me in sneakers it’s usually because I heading to the gym or going out for a run.

High-End High Tops Full Look 2

However, times are changing. When I saw these Buscemi high-tops, I knew I had to add these to my shoe collection. More importantly, I knew that I would be wearing high top sneakers much more frequently.

Buscemi HIgh-End High Tops Close up Buscemi HIgh-End High Tops

One of the great things about these shoes is that they are so versatile. They’re perfect to dress down a tailored look but also easily dress up a casual look. After wearing these for awhile, I’m now on the hunt for other high tops.

Casual look for High-End High Tops

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My I.W. Harper dinner

Ljubljana, Slovenia’s beautiful capital

No trip to Slovenia is complete without visiting the country’s capital, Ljubljana. For my most recent trip, it was my home base. Not only can you explore the city itself but its central location made it easy for day trips to other parts of the country.

Ljubljana1 Ljubljana cheese Figs and dates Ljuljana

As with the rest of the country, Ljubljana is the perfect mix of old world charm and modern luxury and youthful exuberance. I loved the open-air markets with their great produce, meats, cheeses and other handmade delicacies. The city also boasts one of the oldest philharmonic orchestras in the world and its Academia Philharmonicum dates back to 1701. And what could be better than a castle high on top of a hill?

Ljubljana2 grafitti

Yet the city also maintains a youthful vibe. Its university has a student body population of nearly 50,000 students. So it’s not uncommon for Ljubljana to maintain a festive atmosphere with many of its bars and restaurants entertaining revelers until the wee hours of the morning. One favorite nightspot is AS Aparitivo that has both casual and fine dining and also hosts a terrific dance party.

Ljubljana city

The Ljubljanica River runs through the center of town giving the city its picturesque view. A great evening excursion is to take a boat ride along the river at sunset. The spectacular views of the city at dusk are a real treat and you can view the Ljubljana’s many bridges from the water. These bridges that join the two sides of the city all have their own unique character.

dragon-bridge2 Butchers Bridge Ljublijana bridge of Ljubljana

Dragon’s Bridge features Ljubljana’s mascot the dragon. This bridge also has the unflattering name as the Mother in Law Bridge. Whether a mother in law is truly a dragon can be debatable but the name has stuck. Butcher’s Bridge is the bridge of love. Here you will find thousands of locks from couples that have pledged their love and devotion to each other. Then there’s the Three Bridges, which connects the old and new of the city. These bridges are the closest to my favorite shopping destinations, Galerija Emporium.

Relaxed in Ljubljana

The Galerija Emporium is a great shopping spot. The store is a boutique type experience carrying both high end and contemporary fashions. Here you will find brands including Armani, Zegna, Bally and Versace along with DKNY, Polo and even Banana Republic. The top floor houses the Desigual shop, a great stop to find funky modern clothes. If you venture up to that level don’t forget to stop in the discount shoe department. With a little patience you can find some excellent bargains fantastic designer labels.

Galleria Ljubljana Interior Ljubljana Desigual in Slovenia

Fashion is not just limited to the stores. For it’s second season, Mercedes Benz has sponsored Slovenian Fashion Week in Ljubljana. This show has given an international platform to designers who would not normally had the opportunity to show their work on an international schedule. I was fortunate to attend the last day of the shows. The next season will be presented October 28th through October 31st.
Slovenia 1

Ljubljana accommodations are fantastic. For this trip, I stayed at the Hotel Cubo. This boutique hotel features all modern amenities and a to die for complimentary breakfast complete with mimosas. It was worth getting up early to make it to breakfast. Another outstanding boutique hotel is the Vander Urbani Resort.

Hotel Cubo in Ljubljana

My trip was sponsored by luxuryslovena.eu. If you’re looking to make the most of a trip to Slovenia contact these guys. They will create an incredible visit.

Ljubljana Cover

For this trip, I opted for spring/summer casual looks. Light colors and linen were comfortable and easy to travel and helped me to stay sharp throughout my entire visit.

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Linen Blazer – Armani Collezioni; Linen Slacks – Armani Collezioni; Linen plaid shirt – Gucci (similar); Paisley Shirt – Luca D’Altieri (similar); Chukka boots – Timberland; Sunglasses – Retrosuperfuture

Fall in love with Slovenia

You should fall in love with Slovenia. It’s nice when you discover a place that you can fall in love with over again. When that country is so warm and inviting that they invite you back, it’s truly a place to be cherished. That’s exactly my feeling for my second trip to Slovenia.


For this trip, I experienced a little bit of everything from historical sightseeing, sports activities and my favorites things: beer and wine tastings along with some incredible fabulous gourmet meals. Starting in NE Slovenia, I hit the countryside to learn about Slovenian hops, one of the key ingredients needed to make beer. Slovenia is known for it’s hops and exports much of theirs for use in beers around the world. Naturally at Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing & Brewing in Zale, I had to learn the art of the proper pour and maybe have a sample or two. Beer Museum fall in love with Slovenia - wine

The country’s terrain is similar to that of Italy and Austria and as a result there are some really good wines at affordable prices One of the newer wineries was Zlati Grič. The beautiful winery aimed to keep the land pretty pristine. Its state of the art facility is primarily underground, leaving the lush countryside in tact. Using the techniques and inspiration established by the French Carthusian monks, Sanctum wines benefit from the lush terrain and was also a fantastic wine to enjoy, another reason to fall in love with Slovenia.

Wine-in-Slovenia2 Sledding

A little further north is the Rogla Ski Resort, where you’ll find some of Slovenia’s best skiing. Hotels like the Hotel Natura offer convenient access to the slopes in a spa-like atmosphere. While it wasn’t quite ski season, I did find a little grass sledding quenched my need for speed. Staying in the region, I also went to see the Žice Chartusian Monastery. Although the monastery is largely in ruins, plans are in the works to restore the structures.. It is here too that you can visit and eat at Gostilna Gastuž, the oldest restaurant in Slovenia.

fall in love with slovenia - Žice Chartusian Monastery


The coastal area is just as impressive as the countryside. The city of Koper is the home for Lisjak, Slovenia’s award winning olive oil producers, I had the important task of tasting these oils and sampling them along with the delicious wines from Zaro Winery. And if you’re going to taste and sample you might as well enjoy a nice meal too. How about pasta made with fresh black truffle? Just another reason to fall in love with Slovenia.

fall in love with slovenia lisjak fall in love with slovenia - wine2 fall in love with Slovenia - truffles

Known as the Slovenian Rivera, the country may not have the lush sandy beaches of other waterfront cities but they do have small beaches that can still enjoy. One of the major cities in the area is Piran. This coastal city has a strong Venetian influence and from here you can see both Croatia and Italy. This sleepy little city has the unique distinction of being the first country of the former communist Europe to elect a black mayor.

Fall in love with Slovenia - Piran

For a small country, I was amazed how much there is to see and do. Whether you’re an eco-tourist, sports enthusiast, foodie, wine lover or just your regular average tourist, there’s something for just about everyone. With LOVE in it’s name, you should fall in love with SLOVEnia too!

My trip was arranged by luxuryslovenia.eu. If you want a truly remarkable experience, I recommend contacting them. These guys love their country and know how to craft truly remarkable experiences. fall in love with Slovenia - Monastary

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The weather this time of year was quite spring like but depending on the region it could be cooler or hotter than expected. My wardrobe consisted of mainly lightweight slacks and shirts, with a light leather jacket when things got cool.

Navy leather Jacket – Zara (faux leather version); Polo shirt –Theory; Plaid slacks –Miu Miu (similar); Sneakers – PradaSunglasses – Tom Ford

A Vienna vacation

On my latest trip, one of my stops was to Austria for a little Vienna vacation. It’s practically impossible to take in Austria without learning a bit of history. The country’s capital was home to monarchs, kings and rulers who reigned over much of Europe for several centuries.  Imperial Palace Vienna vacation

Vienna Vacation

As I have a fascination with royalty, I had to take in the Hofburg Imperial Palace, which served as the winter residence for the ruling monarchs and is currently used as the residence and workplace of the President of Austria. The enormous palace and grounds was essentially a city center where up to 5000 people live and worked. After viewing the palace’s silver collection, royalty apartments and watching the horse perform at the Spanish Riding School. I could easily take up residence there. vienna vacation proportional view Vienna Vacation grand stairs

Naturally if I was going to visit the winter home, I had to see the summer residence as well. The Schönbrunn Palace and its magnificent gardens are just as breathtaking as the Hofburg. Further solidifying the fact that I should live in castle. But to live in these grand homes, you’d need a fantastic wardrobe so naturally I had to do a little shopping while I was in the area.

DSC_0063 DSC_0078 DSC_0090

Right near the Hofburg along 1, Kohlmarkt, you can find many of the high-end luxury brands that I’ve come to admire. I popped by many of my favorites such as Moncler, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Ferragamo and Burberry to name a few. For more affordable shopping, I also hit the shops around my hotel, the Ruby Hotel. Here you can find the fast fashion brands like H&M and Zara as frequent as the Starbuck’s locations are in the states. Other widely popular stores were the shoe store Humac that had a great selection of shoes and department store, Kleider Bauer where I picked up some great Hugo Boss pieces.

Vienna vacation at Ferragamo Vienna vacation at Moncler

For this trip, I stressed comfort in my attire. There was lots of walking involved so naturally the focus was on shoes. My Timberland Newport Bay Canvas High-top Sneakers were an absolute godsend. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I own and were great to walk in. I alternated these with a pair of Prada  sneakers which were great as well.

Vienna vacation grand stairs closer

When packing for a trip, consider dress requirements if you’re planning to visit churches or cathedrals. Some cathedrals have strict dress codes such as no tank tops or shorts so it’s wise to be prepared. While this was not the case while visiting St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, it was better to be safe than sorry. I opted for jeans and khaki’s paired with short and long sleeve shirts for this part of the trip. Adding a light leather jacket at night and I was all set for my Vienna vacation.

Vienna vacation look

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Denim – AG Jeans; Striped short sleeved shirt – Zenga; Oval mirror sunglasses – Chili Beans; Sneakers – Prada; Khaki pants – TimberlandCanvas High-tops –  TimberlandPolka dot long sleeved shirt – Marc Jacobs; SunglassesRetrosuperfurtureLeather jacket (not shown) – Timberland