Thorsun Spring/Summer 2017

Thorsun’s Spring/Summer 2017 line of swimwear and beach clothing is entitled, “Permanent Vacation.” Every summer you tell yourself you’re going to be summer ready. If you made it, congratulations, if you didn’t, don’t think you’re off the hook for next summer. Thorsun is hot and you will want to be ready.


George Soltelo continues to heat up summer with his line of sporty swimwear. This year he also introduced a women’s line. Thorsun’s swimwear is not the provocative swimwear carried by other brands. It’s more of the modern swimsuit for the active individual.

The mostly patterned trucks are slightly below mid thigh and no bulky long boards shorts. The shorter trunks are just a hair above mid thigh but there were no bikini or square cuts for guys. This is a collection that celebrates the human physique yet will appeal to a wide spectrum of guys. The small ladies collection featured bikinis, maillots and even board shorts suggesting a nice variety to select from.


The patterns take center stage as opposed to bright bold colors. Darker reds, blues and greens are the dominant colors and patterns feature geometric shapes and tortoises. Here one got the impression that Soltelo designed his Thorsun collection with longevity in mind by not opting for the in color palettes of the moment giving true meaning to the title, “Permanent Collection.”

See the Thorsun collection here:

Nautica Spring/Summer 2017

The Tailored Traveler

Was it a day in the toney Hamptons or on some luxurious island resort? No, it was Nautica’s Spring/Summer 2017 presentation. The brand stayed trued to it nautical sensiblities and showcased its latest collection, “The Tailored Traveler,”  in a series of fun outdoor vignettes.

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Nautica’s “Traveled Tailor” brings the Modern Riviera to NYFWM

One thing that can be said about Nautica is that it sticks to what it knows best. And what it does best is present collections that stay true its nautical roots. The Spring/Summer 2017 collect was no exception. The collection inspired by the “Tailored Traveler” took viewers to the Modern Riviera.

Zachary Prell Spring/Summer 2017

As part of New York Fashion Week Men’s, Zachary Prell presented his 2017 Spring/Summer collection. The presentation was called Renew, “an immersion of warm and cool revealed through natural fibers, refined textures and modern silhouettes.”

Zachary Prell 21a

The designer is known for his contemporary American sportswear For 2017, the look is all about casualness. Even the suited looks maintained a casual feel. As a result, no neckties for the Zachary Prell man. This guy eschews the tie in favor of sandals and the headscarf.

Zachary Prell’s collection features great pieces to incorporate into a guy’s everyday wardrobe. Think business casual to play where suits aren’t overly structured but can easily work in an office setting. For the upcoming S/S 2017, many of the pants and shorts will be pleated.  Colors are pale blues, coral, stone and navy. The coral or pale pink is the hot color popping up in several collections this season.

Zachary Prell 5

Today shows are receiving immediate attention as social media has enabled attendees to provide coverage of the looks in real time. To take advantage of this fact, Zachary Prell in conjunction with Gilt made several of its pieces available on Gilt’s website for 24 hours after the presentation.

Zachary Prell 26

See more of the collection in the slide show

Brett Johnson shows Spring/Summer 2017

It’s always great to see a local guy make good. That’s exactly what Brett Johnson during New York Fashion Week Men’s last week. This was the second time Brett Johnson showed at this popular men’s event. His collection once again stood out as one not to be missed.

Brett Johnson Colllection 5 close up

As with the Fall/Winter collection, Johnson looks to the west for his color palette taking his cues from the Arizona and New Mexico deserts. Prominent this year is the dusty rose that popped up in several pieces along with gray, indigo and olive green.

“This season, I wanted the collection to adapt a more relaxed, understated perspective with looser, more casual silhouettes, without losing refined sensibility synonymous with the Brett Johnson brand,” says Johnson. He is known for incorporating lux fabrics and great detail in his work.

Brett Johnson Colllection 14 close up

There is a cool casualness in Johnson’s collection. His clothes are those pieces that are perfect for a relaxed evening out. While a couple of looks may be a bit daring for the everyday Washingtonian such as the dusty rose double breasted suit or the indigo jumpsuit, you could easily see these looks being snatched up by the more adventurous fashion elite. It’s a shame we have to wait until next summer. Many of these looks could easily go straight from the runway to the street right now.

Standouts for this year included his knitwear which will definitely be a must have this time next year. DC men will be proud to sport the label of our latest hometown hero.

See the collection slideshow

This article original appeared in Men’s Life DC.



Garciavelez Spring/Summer 2017

The Verdigris Presentation

For Spring/Summer 2017, Carlos Garciavelez presented his “Verdigris” collection. Garciavelez is not only a designer but an architect, author and Harvard lecturer. Using this diverse background, he infuses these skills in his collections. Read more on MenLifeDC.

Garciavelez Spring/Summer 2017

Not only is he a designer but Carlos Garciavelez is an architect, author and Harvard lecturer. For Spring/Summer 2017, he relied on his architectural background for his collection to represent the decay of streets, bridges and cities. The collection entitled, “Verdigris” featured shades of light greenish blue, against whites, slates and blacks.

New York Fashion Week Men’s (NYFWM) is a whirlwind. With tons of shows, presentations and other industry events there’s barely time to breath. As I wade through the thousands of pictures I took during the week, I hope to bring you images of many of the shows that took place during the four days. Please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts on the different collections. Afterall, these are the designs that we’ll be wearing this time next year.

New York Fashion Week Day 2: A suit with shorts

While it may be considered an unconventional suit by Washington, DC standards, Day 2’s look during New York Fashion Week Men’s was a suit with shorts. For a hot day in the city and running around from show to show, it was the perfect look for the day.
NYFWM suit with shorts -11
Wearing a suit with shorts is nothing new. It’s reminiscent of old school boy uniforms, Bermuda business attire or even the early outfits of AC/DC, but it seems that the look has garnered more attention in recent years. In 2014, several retailers, J. Crew, ASOS and even Barney’s, pushed the look for summer, which even made news headlines. (See Business Insider & Esquire).
Frank and Oak suit with shorts NYFWM suit with shorts 2 -12

Even with this attention the suited shorts has yet to achieve mainstream status however that has not stopped designers and brands from to continuing to create their own spin on this fun look. Shorts with a blazer or a full suited look were seen in many of the shows this season. A favorite was a look from Nick Graham.

Nick Grahamn 6

My suit had a little pizzazz and was actually done in polka dot print. From a distance it was barely noticeable but up close it added just the right fashion punch. To keep the look somewhat casual, it was paired with a white Johnny collared polo and crisp white sneakers. For those less daring the suit, the shorts can be swapped out for slacks in the same pattern.

NYFWM suit with shorts -2 NYFWM suit with shorts -5

Interestingly, my look was not unique among the guests attending New York Fashion Week Men’s. Several guys were seen rocking the suit with shorts; some in bold patterns, others opting for the blazer and shorts look. Either way, it was attention grabbing and worthy of street style photography ops but nothing too outlandish as some of the other outfits seen throughout the week. Who knows? Now that it’s being worn by fashion gurus and social influencers, maybe we’ll see more guys start to adopt the look. I know I’ll be wearing it back in DC!

NYFWM suit with shorts - 1 NYFWM suit with shorts -8

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NYFWM suit with shorts -7

Polka dot suit – Frank and Oak (blazer / shorts); Johnny collar polo – Armani Collezioni; White lapel flower – Hook and Albert; White sneakers – Stan Smith Addidas by Raf Simmons; Sunglasses – Dior Homme

NYFWM suit with shorts-6

I.W. Harper style

I.W. Harper asked me to put together a style guide and I was eager to jump to the task. I like whiskey and I like fashion so why not combine both and show off some I.W. Harper style? New York Fashion Week was coming up and I needed to pick out some looks to rock while I was in the Big Apple.

Ministry of Supply I.W. Harper Style NYFWM

One of the new stores to hit DC is Ministry of Supply and the folks there were eager to help me find that perfect look. While the store has an Internet presence, this up and comer presently only has three locations, Boston, San Francisco and my hometown, DC,. so I knew the look that I picked out would be something that not everyone would be wearing. And isn’t that a way to live like Mr. Harper? I knew I would be unique.

I.W. Harper Style 6 I W Harper Style 5

New York just like D.C. can be pretty hot during the summer and Ministry’s clothes are ideal for this weather. By using technical fabrics, the clothes are great for the active guy because they help fight sweat yet are still breathable. Another bonus is that they resist wrinkles so they are great travel clothes.

I.W. Harper Style 2 I.W. Harper Style 1

Using a minimalist approach, the clothes have an aesthetic that is similar to Theory, a brand that is right up my alley. So why sipping a glass of whiskey, I set out to find something to make the journey to New York. I’m a tailored clothing guy so I opted for a suited look. I wanted something summery so I picked a blazer and matching slacks in a bold cadet blue.

I.W. Harper Style 11 I.W. Harper Style 10

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Because my suit was the solid blue, I paired a checked shirt with a striped tie. The shirt with its smaller checks was a great backdrop for the thicker striped tie. Finishing the look with white loafers, I was ready for fashion week and prepared to show of I.W. Harper style.

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Suit, Shirt and Blazer – Ministry of Supply; Tie, Bracelet – Harrison Blake; White Loafers – Ferragamo; Watch – AVI-8

I W Harper Style 8

I am working in partnership with I. W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and I am being compensated for my participation in this campaign. All thoughts/opinions are 100% my own. Whiskey is intended for those whom alcohol is legal and appropriate. Please Drink Responsibly.

Bauhaus inspired – Suit Supply Spring Summer 2017

One of my favorite shows during New York Fashion Week Men’s is Suit Supply. Their Soho loft is an excellent spot to showcase their upcoming collections. And once again, they did not disappoint.

Suit Supply Spring/Summer 2017

From season to season, Suit Supply has never been one to disappoint. The company has managed to take its suiting, tailored and casual pieces and keep them modern and fresh without being too edgy. The well-equipped Suit Supply man has all the essentials to go from casual to formal simply integrating the collection.

Check out Men’s Life DC

Casual Cool for Perry Ellis Spring Summer 2017

New York Fashion Week Men’s began on Monday with Perry Ellis presenting at its office in the Hippodrome building.

Casual Cool for Perry Ellis Spring Summer 2017

Perry Ellis kicked off the second New York Fashion Week with its Spring Summer 2017 collection. The collection featured 22 looks in a combination of tech fabrics in muted colors of stone, quartz, marigold and rose. Perry Ellis plays with these colors through the use of color blocking, tonal jacquards and graphic prints.

Check out Men’s Life DC.

Yes you should own your tuxedo

Several years ago I suggested instead of renting a tuxedo, it might be a better investment to own your own tuxedo. Now a few years later, I wondered if the command to “Buy a Tux!” still rang true. After re-reading, the post, I can honestly say that owning a tuxedo is still a wise choice especially if you’re a guy who attends formal events on occasion,

Formal Look

Since June, I’ve already had the chance to sport my tuxedo a couple of times. First up was the Rammy’s, a awards gala hosted by the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington and honors the best in DC’s illustrious restaurant community. Next came the re-opening of the Watergate Hotel. The infamous DC landmark recently held a spectacular grand re-opening. As fall approaches, I’m looking forward to donning my favorite formal look for several black tie galas and must attend events.

Tuxedo Formal look down Formal look tying bow tiew

I love formal wear. It’s a terrific look for guys. While women get to dazzle in evening gowns in a variety of colors and styles, the classic tuxedo proves that guys too can clean up well, look elegant and sophisticated. A crisp white shirt, well appointed accessories and a spritz of cologne like Dior Sauvage are the keys to making sure your tuxedo look is phenomenal. I’m still a big fan of the Giorgio Armani tux. When I wear mine, I feel as cool as James Bond. I’ll take my martini shaken not stirred as well, thank you!

Formal looking at watch Tuxedo formal look to side

There are many benefits of owning a tuxedo versus renting. First the cost of renting can add up. For the price of two rentals, you could own your own suit. Get a last minute invite that calls for black tie? You’ll be ready to go because your tux is already hanging in your closet. More importantly, if you own, you’ll know that your formal look has been tailored to fit you. You won’t have to worry that you had to settle for some generic rental. Face it, your own clothes usually look and feel better on you.

Tuxedo Casual Smile

Nowadays guys can select from a variety of tuxedo choices. Bold patterns, deep navy fabrics and even non-traditional cuts are showing up at every red carpet, gala and wedding event. However, if you want a look that’s going to buck the current fads of today and still look amazing for years to come, my suggestion is to pick a classic black tuxedo. At almost every price point, some around the same cost of a one-time tuxedo rental, the stylish gentlemen can add a great formal look.

Tuxedo Formal look close up Tuxedo shoes

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Two button tuxedo – Giorgio Armani; Modern tuxedo shirt – Eton; Paisley tonal bow-tie – Saks Fifth Avenue; Formal suspenders – Trafalgar; Cummeerbund – Neiman Marcus; Patent leather shoes – Jimmy Choo (similar); Cufflinks – Elsa Peretti Tiffany; Watch – Gucci; Cologne – Dior Sauvage

Formal look lean

Photography by John Robinson Photography – Check him out!!!