See How I Ludlow

Recently J Crew wanted to know how guys were wearing their Ludlow suits.  I have to admit I have a lot of J Crew clothes for casual wear but I never really tried them for suiting. So naturally I was game to show how I Ludlow.

How I Ludlow

The company has been doing their Ludlow suits since 2008 and launched their #HowILudlow as an Instagram campaign asking guys to show how they styled their famous suit. The timing was perfect for me because J Crew was opening up a new men shop here in Washington DC. I figured it would be a great way to be a part of the campaign and have a great look for the opening of the store.
How I Ludlow in the middle of DC How I Ludlow with shades
J Crew suits come in two fits, the Ludlow and the Crosby. The Ludlow features a slim silhouette for a more modern fit where the Crosby is tailored for the athletic guy allowing for extra room at key points. I was a little hesitant to try the Ludlow fearing it would be too slim for my large frame. However laying my fears aside I went with the Ludlow fit and chose a suit in my regular size.

How I Ludlow for fall How I Ludlow in the park

The suit was a great fit and with a small minor adjustment (sleeves need to be shortened), it’s perfect! Even better was the quality of the material and the variety of options available for the suiting choices. In addition, J Crew also has an excellent selection of formal options in both classic and modern looks. These choice will be perfect for Washington for all of the formal events and galas that happen in town.

How I Ludlow on the edge How I Ludlow - Reflectively

With the cooler weather I wanted something that would be ideal for the fall/winter season. I opted for an Italian wool suit in grey glen plaid. I can easily seeing dressing it down with a turtleneck or even wearing the jacket and pants as separates for a variety of options. (Look for some upcoming posts in the near future!) And that is how I Ludlow!

How I Ludlow - dapper How I Ludlow with the side glance

It was truly an honor to be able to wear the suit for the opening. I got to meet Frank Muytjens, the men’s head designer of J Crew who has been credited with revitalizing the company’s appeal since its initial mail order catalog beginnings.  So what do you think of how I Ludlow? I think I knocked it out of the park.

Details of how I Ludlow How I Ludlow shoes

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How I Ludlow - Fall 2016 how-i-ludlow-3

Glen Plaid Ludlow Blazer – J Crew; Glen Plaid Ludlow Trousers – J Crew; Light Blue Dress Shirt – Armani Collezioni; Yellow Paisley Tie – Saks Fifth Avenue; Yellow Lapel Pin – Hook + Albert; Watch – Daniel Wellington; Shoes – J Fitzpatrick (Similar – J Crew); Tote – Coach; Sunglasses – Tom Ford

This is how I Ludlow

Photography by Jeffrey Thatcher Photography 

Cruising on the Harmony of the Seas

Recently I had the opportunity to take a cruise to the Bahamas. Typically I’ve not been a fan of cruises but I have to say I’m quickly changing my mind. Partly because this was not your average cruise. In fact, I set sail on the largest cruise ship currently to date. I was on the Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas.

Harmony of the Seas Cruise

When people say cruise ships are cities on the sea, the Harmony is clearly no exaggeration. The ship holds nearly 9,000 people (6,180 passengers and 2,100 crew). That’s bigger than many small U.S. colleges. With 18 decks, almost 2,800 staterooms and 7 neighborhoods to wander around, sometimes it was even difficult to tell I was actually on a cruise.

Harmony of the Seas girls

Even more surprising was the fact that the ship can be steered with just three crewmembers. I had the opportunity to meet the captain and see the bridge. It’s a technological marvel akin to the Starship Enterprise. My only disappointment was the captain didn’t let me drive.

Harmony of the Seas Captain's Deck Harmony of the Seas from the deck harmony-of-the-seas-bahamas1

My hesitation to cruising stems from a childhood experience on a much smaller ship where I felt trapped and could feel it rocking. On a ship of this magnitude, you definitely do not feel any of that. My other issue was the limited amount of activities. Such is not the case with the Harmony of the Seas. There’s so much to do that many passengers never leave the ship when it docks at its various ports.

harmony-of-the-seas-central-park harmony-of-the-sea-cruise-promenade harmony-of-the-seas-cocktail

Guests can indulge in a variety of entertainment from water and ice-skating spectacles, familiar Broadway shows (on my cruise it was Grease), original productions and a host of live musical acts. And while a mainstay of any cruise is the food, you’re not limited to just the ship’s offerings. Specialty restaurants like Wonderland and Izumi Japanese Restaurant compete to fill your belly along side familiar names such as Johnny Rockets and celebrity Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Italian. And of course there is a Starbucks!

harmony-of-the-seas-art harmony-of-the-seas-art3 harmony-of-the-seas-art2

For the adventurous seafaring traveler, it’s easy to remain active on board. There’s the Ultimate Abyss (a 10 story slide), a zip line, rock-climbing wall, 2 Flow Riders where you can simulate surfing and a trio of water slides. There’s also a world-class gym along with a spa to relax after you’ve totally worn yourself out.

abyss-harmony-of-the-seas1 harmony-of-the-seas-deck harmony-of-the-seas-casino

The nice thing aboard a ship is you can do as much or as little as you want. I preferred to lounge by one of several pool and indulge in a boatload of cocktails.  The crew serves up 127 specialty cocktails with some being made at the Bionic Bar which boasts 2 robotic bartenders.  I also decided to eat my heart out and do a little bit of gambling. I even won a little bit of cash before retiring to my spacious stateroom. And while my room was fantastic, some of the rooms were enormous and could easily rival any luxury apartment on land.

harmony-of-the-seas-drinks harmony-of-the-seas-bionic-bar

So yes my attitude on cruising has definitely made a change especially if I’m heading back on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas. If you’re planning to go and need a luggage handler or can fit me in your suitcase, sign me up!

In favor of the black suit

Some guys are hesitant to wear a black suit. While I think it’s not the first suit color choice a guy should sport in his wardrobe that should be either navy or charcoal. However, a great looking black suit is always a welcomed addition to a guy’s wardrobe.


The black suit sometimes gets a bad rap because it’s that go to look for a funeral or wedding but I like to think it offers a bit more versatility. I consider mine one of my power suits. I tend to opt for mine when I have one of those important meetings when I like to command a little authority. I feel people seem to take me more seriously when I’m in black suit. I try not to keep it to somber by adding brighter color accessories.

black-suit-in-the-mansion-9 black-suit-in-the-mansion-3

For dressier occasion, it’s my go to look for semiformal events. As the holidays’ pop up this time a year, it’s hard to know how to dress. Nowadays invitations specify such things as dressy attire, funky formal, black tie optional etc. It’s hard to know exactly what to wear but a black suit will keep your bases covered for all these attire specifications. This is really helpful especially if you’re hitting several events in one night.

Another great aspect is that you can experiment with pattern with a black suit. For instance in my post look, I chose a gray striped shirt with a dotted tie. Perfect for the office but can go also work for an evening out.

black-suit-in-the-mansion-4 black-suit-in-the-mansion-8

I was fortunate to shoot my look at a new residential property located at 3030 Chain Bridge in Washington, DC. This gorgeous home is a five-part regency styled stucco home is sited on the crest of Chain Bridge Road, NW, comfortably nestled within 1 acre of mature trees and landscaped gardens it offers views of historic Battery Kimble Park and Virginia

black-suit-in-the-mansion-1 This 15,000 square foot house presents itself as a careful study in symmetry, balance and proportion. The interior spaces feature hand carved stone mantels, custom millwork trim, cabinetry and details ensuring the vocabulary of the exterior flows through to the interior to create a seamless elegant experience that is timeless in style.

black-suit-in-the-mansion-details black-suit-in-the-mansion-6

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Suit, Dress shirt, tie – Ralph Lauren; Lapel Pin – Hook and Albert (similar); Monk Strap shoes – John Lobb; Duffel – Louis Vuitton; Hat – ‘The Harper’ – Goorin Bros.

Photography by Jeffrey Thatcher Photography