Why I attended StyleCon

I’m funny. I don’t think I’m the most outgoing person. Heading into a room full of people I don’t know is not something I really look forward to but I’m working on getting better at it. That’s one of the reasons I have attended StyleCon for the last two years.


A few years ago I hosted an event with Brock McGoff, the man behind the Modest Man and he mentioned that there was this men’s StyleCon convention coming to Atlanta. I didn’t think too much of it and soon forgot about it. Shortly thereafter I was researching different sites to find the top male blog sites and stumbled across this post, Top Ten Men’s Style Blogs | 2016 Edition | Best Male Fashion Websites | 423 Men’s Style Bloggers Ranked.

My blog had been up for a while but I wasn’t very active so I certainly didn’t expect to see my name in the top 10. However when I saw there was a listing of over 400 sites, I assumed I’d be ranked somewhere. Imagine my surprise when my site was nowhere on that extensive list. Naturally, I was a bit salty. So of course the first thing I did was hit the comment tab on that ranking website.

StyleCon StyleCon

This is what I wrote,

I wanted to say I enjoyed your rankings of male bloggers. I write the DCFashion Fool ( I’m a relatively new men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger and I really have a passion for showcasing my style. With all the content out there, I’m finding it a challenge to break through and share my love with others. I was wondering if you’d take a look at my blog to see where I’d rank in your ratings. I’m always looking to make improvements and your opinion would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Partly self-serving and partly genuinely wanting feedback, I didn’t expect a response however 3 hours later, this was the response,

Thanks for letting us know, Barnette. Will definitely check your website out. 

Curious, have you considered coming out to Men’s StyleCon? It’s on this March 11th- 13th. As you could see we have a lot of brands and content creators there. I think it would be a great event for you to meet like-minded individuals and I think there would be a lot of value that you could get from this.

Let me know if you can make it.

Wishing you well,


Hmm who was this Antonio? But there was that StyleCon thing again. And that was the impetus to get me to go to my first StyleCon. Still not knowing what to expect I booked my trip to the ATL. What I found was an incredible group of guys from diverse background all trying to build each other. It wasn’t just about style but it was about empowerment, self help and the free exchange of ideas and support.

StyleCon StyleCon

Did it make be better at networking in new groups? No but I’m working on it. Have I made the top ten style blog list? Not yet but that’s just a matter of time. What I did get out of it was a great deal of useful information and some food for thought to give me the determination to continue on my quest to build the DCFashion Fool into something to be proud of.


And even in my awkwardness and shyness in networking, I was still able to make some great new friends as well as new connections that are just as passionate in their endeavors. It’s that passion, that brought me back to StyleCon for a second year. to reconnect with these likeminded individuals and continue the momentum.

StyleCon StyleCon

This year, StyleCon featured even more well rounded very accomplished individuals who not only led incredibly informative sessions but also were pretty accessible for one on one chats and personal follow up. But the big take away was the fellowship of an amazing group of men (and a few women) with the common goal of helping one another succeed.

StyleCon may have changed its name to Menfluential for 2018 however I still plan to attend. And who knows? Maybe when I return I’ll command the room with my networking skills.

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The J.Crew Ludlow Suit – mine Glen Plaid – see other styles;  Turtleneck – Ralph Lauren; Double monk strap – John LobbWindowpane suit –  SuitSupply


Nick Graham AW 2017

New York Fashion Week Recap: Nick Graham AW 2017

He may have been showing his A/W 2017 collection however Nick Graham clearly had his sights set on a time further in the future. Nick Graham AW 2017 was entitled Life on Mars: A/W 2035. Jumping 18 years in the future, Graham envisioned tailored looks with an out of this world flair even enlisting former astronaut, Buzz Aldrin to walk the runway. While his feet were firmly planted on Earth for his A/W 2016 collection, Graham was clearly reaching for the stars in the current collection.

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New Fashion Week Recap: Nick Graham A/W 2017

Typically most designers look 12 months ahead when presenting their collections during New York Fashion Week. As social media has made these collections more accessible for public viewing that time frame has gotten even shorter. That’s why all eyes where on Nick Graham when he presented his collection AW 2017 entitled Life on Mars: Fall-Winter…

New York Fashion Week and individual style

New York Fashion Week Men’s has cone and gone and I’m still processing the many presentations, runway shows and events that occurred over the four days. It was a lot to take in however attending the week help to renew my love and interest for men’s fashion. It also made me feel good about my own individual style.

Individual style at NYFWM

Individual Style

It’s interesting. Fashion Week is a time when the industry gathers to see what everyone will be wearing during upcoming seasons. I find it fascinating that the industry promotes uniformity but also encourages individuality. That got me thinking about my individual style. What is it about my dress that makes me me?

Individual Style Individual Style

I think my individual style is a hodgepodge of ideas. I like both uniformity and individuality. At times I like to stand out and wear some funky piece like I did earlier in the week with my statement pants. Other times I just want to blend in. When I’m with some of my fellow bloggers and influencers, I’m the suited guy while others may be a bit more casual. And I think that’s ok.

Individual Style

For the last day of NYFWM, I chose a charcoal three-piece suit, checked shirt with a purple paisley tie. I felt comfortable and thought I looked great. At some shows, I was clearly overdressed while others I fit right in. That’s the one of the best things about figuring out your own personal style. Overdressed, underdressed or just right, the look works because these are the looks you are most at home in.

Individual style Individual style

It’s not about standing out in the crowd, although that may happen. It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin. That’s kind of how I looked at some of the great clothes I saw during the week. There were some truly great pieces and I look forward to incorporating some of them into my wardrobe for the upcoming year. That’s what makes NYFWM such a marvelous time. It’s about translating designers and brands inspirations and infusing your own unique personality into your own individual style.

How are you developing your own individual style? I’d love to hear from you. Email me or send me a comment.

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Charcoal 3-piece suit – Ralph Lauren; Mini-checked French cuffed dress shirt – Ralph Lauren; Purple paisley tie – Ike Behar; Sunglasses – Tom Ford; Double monk strapped shoes – John Lobb

Photography by Joel Cas (Instagram: @itsjoelcas)
Joseph Abboud F/W 2017

New York Fashion Week Recap: Joseph Abboud F/W 2017

Many people know Joseph Abboud from his position as the Chief Creative Director for Men’s Wearhouse. His line of clothing, shoes and accessories have been a popular line for that store over the past few years. In addition he is the creator of the Black Brown 1826 line over at Lord and Taylor. The designer is now celebrating his 30th anniversary and he presented his premium Joseph Abboud F/W 2017 collection as part of New York Fashion Week Men’s.

The Joseph Abboud F/W 2017 collection followed along the tradition of beautiful luxury clothes which have been a mainstay of New York Fashion Week Men’s since its inception.

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New York Fashion Week Recap: Joseph Abboud F/W 2017

Since starting out at New York Fashion Week Men’s, Joseph Abboud’s shows have never failed to disappoint. Fall/Winter 2017 was no exception. Joseph Abboud’s luxurious collection of tailored suiting and sportswear is one of the reasons today’s men still value the art of dressing up. Abboud’s collection was decidedly dark drawing inspiration from Edgar Allen…

New York Men's Day

NYFWM F/W 2017: New York Men’s Day

When New York Fashion Week Men’s (NYFWM) separated from the women’s shows one of the main events to join the week was New York Men’s Day. Now considered the start of the men’s fashion week in New York, this event presented by Agentry PR was initially started as a showcase for up and coming men’s designers so not to get lost during the women’s shows. Now New York Men’s Day is one of the mainstays of NYFWM.

This year New York Men’s Day featured 12 designers in two showings.

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New York Fashion Week Recap: New York Men’s Day

MenslifeDC was fortunate to attend New York Fashion Week. Over a series of articles, we will present many of the fashions that will hit the runway for Fall/Winter 2017. First up was New York Men’s Day (NYMD). The brainchild of AgentryPR, NYMD was started before men’s fashion had a week of their own.

New York Fashion Week in statement pants

One of the ways, I feel I can elevate my style is by wearing a great statement piece of clothing. This year for New York Fashion Week Men’s I found an awesome pair of tie-dyed pants that I thought would be the perfect statement pants to work into my wardrobe. A terrific pair of statement pants in an interesting print is a great way to go a little bolder in your dressing.

I’ve said it time and time again; Fashion Weeks are when you get to see some of the most outrageous street styles. For those who know me, know that I’m not going to wear some crazy get up that begs for attention and can only be worn outside the venues hosting the fashion shows and runways. However I’d be lying if I said I don’t care about being noticed for my style. After all, I do run The DCFashion Fool to do that very thing, show off my style. So of course I’d love to be snapped by the paparazzi and noted for my great fashion sense.

For my New York Fashion Week Men’s street style moment, I donned my statement pants and paired them with a black velvet blazer and speckled tie. I like the idea of toning down other pieces in my look to give that statement piece a little extra attention. I also added pops of color such as my bold fuchsia pocket square and my purple socks. Grabbing a pair of sunglasses and a fantastic carry all tote, I was ready for a full day of fashion like catching the 12 designers showing their looks during New York Men’s Day.

What is really interesting to me is the street style roundups from all the publications once the fashion weeks in each city are over. Everyone always touts the best street styles captured during the week but I find that many of the looks are a little too outlandish or costumy and don’t really represent the “Best in Style.” It’s almost similar to what’s going inside at the shows. It’s the over the top look that oftentimes garners the media attention. It’s an attempt to break through from all the fashion that’s being shown at once. Is it a good thing? I don’t know but remember the words of Yves St. Laurent, “Fashion’s fade, style is eternal.” What are your thoughts on street style? I’ld love to hear your take. Send me a comment or tweet me.

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Tie-Dyed Print Pants – J. Brand; Velvet Blazer – Tommy Hilfiger; Speckled Tie – Sprezzabox; Tonal Patterned Tote – Alexander Wang NYC (similar);  Penny loafers – Tom Ford; Sunglasses – Tom Ford (similar)

Joseph Abboud for New York Fashion Week Men

During the first day of New York Fashion Week, one of the shows I was most eager to see was Joseph Abboud. I remember watching his A/W 2016 collection and falling in love with every piece. So naturally one of those suits soon hit my wardrobe.

Joseph Abboud style In Joseph Abboud

Since I had planned to go to his show it was only naturally that I would wear that Joseph Abboud suit that I was so eager to get. New York Fashion Week is one of those times where you see some of the world’s best-dressed men. I figured, a great 3-piece look would help to get me in the well-dressed category.

My Joseph Abboud style Relaxing in Joseph Abboud

There’s an excitement to every New York Fashion Week. Even though I found myself getting exhausted, I wanted to make the most of every day. I loved waking up early and wandering the streets of Soho. That is how I found this great place to shoot my Joseph Abboud look of the day.

Some guys take fashion week as an opportunity to peacock and wear some outlandish fashions in the hopes of being captured by the street style paparazzi. For me I prefer to wear what I feel I look great in. I picked clothes that I would be just as comfortable home in DC as on the streets of New York. Great style does not beg for attention.

Close up of Joseph Abboud style


Brown striped suit – Joseph Abboud; Tan vest – Joseph Abboud; Light Blue dress shirt – Armani Collezioni; Paisley tie – Brioni; Burgundy double monk strap – To Boot New York

As for the Joseph Abboud show, it did not fail to disappoint. It was everything I’d expected. The setting of an old church was perfect for the gothic inspired looks. Here are some of my favorites. What do you guys think? I’d love to hear your comments.

Selections from Joseph Abbout A/W 2017

Stay tuned for more of my recap and looks from New York Fashion Week. Until next time!