A springtime suit at the Rosewood

Earlier this week, I headed to the Rosewood for a spring fashion show hosted by Capitol File Magazine and Saks Fifth Avenue. That meant it was time to rock a great springtime suit. It was an ideal spring day so I knew I could not get away with the darker looks from this winter.

The Rosewood is famous for its exquisite roof top deck and has great patio seating and was the perfect venue for this show. As one of the few men at the event, I knew I had to rock an amazing springtime suit to sit among the well healed beautifully put together women.

I love a blue suit. I have several in different shades. It’s a color that I wear throughout every season. For spring, I like a bright blue color. My suit is in between a navy and royal blue. It’s a nice vibrant color for this time of year with a nice bold white pinstripe. The suit is a slimmer cut for a nice modern look. I’d like to say it was to show off my slimmer physique but that’s still a work in progress.

To keep with a springtime suit looking perfect for the season, it was all about the details. Pops of color and a light colored tie help to showcase the spirit of the season. My off white paisley tie had bright green accents so I chose a bright green pocket square to accentuate the tie. If I wear a pocket square, I typically do not wear a lapel flower but sometimes I throw caution to the wind and just go for it. In this case the white lapel flower was a nice added touch.

Also notice the shoes. What’s great about a blue suit is you can get away with black, brown or even cordovan shoes. There are a variety of options. I feel that my brown shoes keep the springtime theme going. As for the fashion show, it was great to see what women will be wearing for the season. It was even better to know that my springtime suit look will make me the perfect escort (arm candy)! Did I bring my A game? I’d love your thoughts and comments.

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Blue pinstriped suit – Isaia; White dress shirt – Gucci; Off white paisley tie – Etro; White lapel flower – Hook + Albert; Green pocket square – Elite Solid; Brown lace-ups – Louis Vuitton (similar); Watch – Timex

Photography: ALaceyPerspective

My staycation style

Sometimes it’s nice to get a little R an R away from home even if it’s just a staycation just around the street. I recently had a chance to pop over to the Washington Marriott Georgetown for a quick overnight getaway. Let me tell you it was a much-needed retreat.

I like the idea of going away but not really going away. Often times when I’m home and just planning to relax, I get sidetracked by things to do around the house. Things like household chores, unwritten blog posts or just too much television grab my attention and I never take time to enjoy myself.

With this staycation, I got to relax and with no real plans even got to enjoy myself. Although I wasn’t going to far, I still dressed like I was going on an out of town excursion. I was going to relax in the room, enjoy the hotel amenities and have a great night out.

My look was easy to travel in. Denim is a great travel option because of comfort and ease. I opted for mine in a forest brown, which is a nice departure from the traditional blue jeans. Although it’s spring the weather has been unpredictable so I knew I needed a jacket. I like to travel with a navy blazer because of its versatility. It can be worn casually or dressier creating a variety of fashion options.

Since my staycation was so short, I didn’t want to pack too many items. I planned an evening out so the blazer was the perfect choice. Sporting a fantastic floral tie, I pulled together a great evening out look. The added bonus? More room in my keepall for a little I.W. Harper whiskey!

The Marriott was close to the Kennedy Center so we decided to take advantage of the free concert at the Center’s Millennium Stage. The Millennium Stage has free performances every day and no tickets are required. It’s a come as you are type of event so must people are very casual. But here’s the beauty of dressing a little nicer. One of the docents noticed me and had extra tickets for the evening’s performance of the opera, The Boxer. Although I’m not a big opera fan, it was something to different and made my staycation something unique.

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Blue navy suit jacket – Theory; Blue cotton dress shirt – J Crew; Forrest Brown denim jeans – AG Jeans; Floral tie, watchband, socks & sunglasses lapel pin – Sprezzabox; Olive sneakers – Wolf vs Goat, Hat – Goorin Bros.; Overnight bag – Damier Louis Vuitton Keepall