Dressed for a garden wedding in Key West

The man behind DCFashion Fool is Barnette R. Holston, Jr.

Ever since I picked up my first GQ magazine at the age of twelve, I’ve had a love for fashion. Having worked in retail during my early years, this love of fashion has continued to grow. I currently style family and friends and love to display my own personal flair.

The DCFashion Fool is a DC based men’s lifestyle and fashion blog. I want to prove to guys that they do not have to be afraid of fashion. Looking and feeling great along with having fun is the key to a great life.  A lot of people have this notion that Washingtonians have no sense of style and there’s nothing going on in town besides political and legal activities. I want to dispel that notion by showcasing my sense of style through my eyes through my adventures and travel.

I love men’s fashion and leading a fun filled life and I plan to talk about it every chance I get. It is my hope that my tips will inspire others to grab life and look great.


I do not practice non-disclosure. I will state clearly if a blog post is sponsored, which includes paid advertorials and if the products were sent to me for review.

All opinions and views on The DCFashion Fool are my own and are mentioned for informative and enjoyment purposes only.

Like many bloggers, I use ShopStyle, an affiliate program as well as other affiliate links – both on my What I’m Craving and sometimes on blog posts, which earns me nominal commission on product sales.

All images on my blog are by myself, unless otherwise stated. Please do not use any of my imagery for professional and commercial purposes without written permission. If you would like to use any of the images on The DCFashion Fool for ‘fair use’ ie. commentary on your own blog, please credit and link back to my blog.

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