Next week I head up to New York to cover New York Fashion Week Mens. It’s an exciting time to see the upcoming fashion trends that will be making their mark on the streets of every major city in the future. I have the good fortune to be covering the week for Capitol File Magazine but I’ll also be attending as a social influencer.

What is New York Fashion Week?


New York Fashion Week whether it’s being held for men or women is a really an interesting phenomenon. Historically it was designed for the American media to get a first look at the upcoming looks for the upcoming season. In addition, retail buyers could see the collections so they could make a decision on what to carry in their stores. While to some extent this is still the primary function, New York Fashion Week has morphed into something more.

Today the media and buyers still attend the shows but now there are many others in attendance as well. Celebrities, friends of the designers, customers and social influencers to name a few are among the many that hit the shows. While the fashion shows continue to be the main event, there are a myriad of parties and other events that make New York Fashion Week quite the social occasion. And lets not forget the street style scene. Fashionistas peacock and prance around wearing some of the most outlandish get ups in the hopes of garnering a few minutes of the fashion celebrity status.

How do you get into the shows?


That’s the question I typically get asked a lot. The answer is you have to be invited .Now if you’re an established publication like GQ or an A list celebrity, those invitations are going to be very easy to get. But if you don’t make that cut you have to request an invite from every designer putting on a show.

Many of the invites are handled by the PR agencies but sometimes they are done through the designers and brands themselves. Putting on a fashion show or presentation can be quite expensive so the designers and PR firms want to make sure that those attending the show will ultimately drive sales to the company or give them tons of exposure. That’s part of the reason why you do see celebrities prominently featured at the shows or social influencers with great followings. Endorsements from them can mean millions of yes on their brand that would hopefully translate into future sales.

When I first started attending, I had my small blog and wrote for a small online publication. That meant I was not part of the elite that automatically got whisked to the front row. No, I had to request invites to most every show. Naturally I received many declines along with no responses however surprisingly I did get a few invites. Sometimes when that elusive invite hit my inbox, I felt like I’ve just found the last golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Today my blog has grown, I’ve developed a little following and now I get to cover Fashion Week for an upscale luxury magazine, which boasts a circulation of 50,000. However I’m still requesting invites, still getting declined and still hoping for that elusive golden ticket.

What do you put in your request for an invite and what do you do if invited?


When requesting a show you want to give the designer or PR firm a reason to invite you. The request should be short and to the point. I like to tell them who I am and why I’d like to attend. I there to cover the shows for a magazine whose readers want to know what the upcoming trends are going to be. As a social influencer, I’m there to give my followers style inspiration, showcase new brands and give them an early look at the trends they’ll want to buy for the season.

If I’m granted access, I try to provide coverage either through writing a recap of the collection or featuring highlights and favorites of the various looks through social media. What you should not do is take advantage of the invite. If you promise coverage, provide coverage. Share it with the designer and agency. Be respectful during the shows and presentations. Don’t try to engage the models if their working or hold lengthy conversations and block others views. A little courtesy goes a long way.


Why do I attend New York Fashion Week Mens?


There are a number of reasons why I choose to attend New York Fashion Week Mens. For starters, I love fashion and I want to share my passion with others. I’m grateful that Capitol File Magazine has given me the opportunity to cover the week for them. I want their audience to experience what’s new and upcoming and get as excited about what I’m seeing. Washington is starting to come into its own and it’s my hope to inspire the men of DC to continually up their style game.

That brings me to my second reason for attending New York Fashion Week. I love showcasing what some of my favorite brands and designers have coming up for the future. I’m a big fan of Joseph Abboud, Todd Snyder, Suit Supply and Boss Menswear. All of which are showing this season and I can’t wait to see what they have in store. But there are other fantastic designers that I love that aren’t as well known in DC but I can’t wait to give them some love too. Names like Carlos Campos, David Hart and Palmiers du Mal always put out wonderful collections. By showing them off through my outlets, it’s my hope that the demand for these collections grows in DC and we start to see them available locally in the area. This year along additional stellar shows like Ovadia and Sons and Raf Simmons, Tom Ford joins the line up. Can we say golden ticket?

I am also attending New York Fashion Week Mens to strengthen my connections within the fashion industry. As I continue to build a name for myself, I want to form stronger relationships with brands, PR firms and agencies as well as connect with other influencers. I want to continue to build a strong network. I believe I have a voice and am an outstanding advocate for the Washington fashion scene. By forging strong partnerships, I can help

Lastly, I’m there for the spectacle. New York Fashion Week Mens is an incredible experience. While many would love to be there they cannot but I can. So I hope to give my insider look on what has become a must see event. I hope this gave you a taste of what’s to come. Drop me a line let me know what you think.