It’s the holiday time and that means party season. Family get togethers, office parties, festive gatherings with friends and galas are all the norm for this time of year. All of these events mean finding great holiday attire for men to make it through this festive time of year. I love a great party and choosing great looks for an event is right up my alley.

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I recently hosted an event at Suit Supply to pick out some of my favorite looks for the season. The idea was to provide some ideas on holiday attire for men. I wanted to showcase looks I love for the holiday season. I picked things that were great for this time of year but do not have to be relegated solely to the holiday party circuit. If you’re going to invest in fantastic clothing, you should get use out of it.

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For those in attendance it was an evening of good drinks and company. In attention, guest got to enjoy a little private shopping as well as experience the many holiday attire options for men up close. If you missed it, I thought I’d recap some options to help carry you through the season.

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Holiday Attire - for Men - Casual Holiday

You don’t always need to wear a suit but sometimes the occasion calls for something a little more than khaki or jeans. An off white turtleneck and tweet slacks create a great elevated casual look. Pair with sleek brown boot.

Holiday Attire for Men - Blazer & Cream Trousers

While greens and reds seem to be the norm for a holiday gathering, why not make a statement in off white slacks? Winter white is definitely a season color so add it to you holiday repertoire. Worn with a navy blazer and striped button down shirt, this is a great evening out look. No tie needed! Try this with blue suede double monk straps. I like both of these looks because there’s a lot of play with texture. It gives the looks more depth,.


The pinstripe suit is office and boardroom ready but with a few tweaks it can transition to holiday party mode. To make this look s little dressier try a white silk tie with your white shirt. Use a pocket square to add a pop of color. This suit is pretty versatile too. Swap out the shirt and tie for a lightweight turtleneck for a less formal look,


A tuxedo is the de fact go to look when it comes to formal wear. However even in this category there are options for holiday attire for men. Go traditional with a black tux, pleated tuxedo shirt and patent leather shoes for that classic look. Or try the modern take with a midnight blue shawl collar. This tux would work great with a plain from tuxedo shirt. For shoes, I suggest a velvet slipper.

Holiday Attire for Men - Blue Tuxedo

For the more daring, how about a double-breasted jacket in a midnight blue? The wider lapels create a stunning silhouette.

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What do you think of the looks? Feel free to comment below. Miss the event? Subscribe and be one of the first to know about future goings on.

Photos: Courtesy of The Gay Traveler, Commecoco, Oneil Gardner and Suit Supply