Typically if a guy has a black suit it’s usual for a more formal occasion or a funeral. But what if you have one in your closet? Should it just hang there and not get any use? My answer for this fall is NO! If your make your look, black suit casual, you’ll have more opportunities to wear that suit.

Autumn black suit casual

Don’t get me wrong. I do think that the black suit is not the first suit to own. And while it’s true that it is the go to piece for a funeral and the dapper choice for more formal situations, it doesn’t have to stay relegated in your closet for just these events. It seems like every year I revisit the black suit. Last year I wrote In Favor of the Black Suit and the year before that it was Yes, You Can Wear a Black Suit. And while I still have black suits in my closet, they are not the first suits I reach for when planning my looks.

Autumn in a black casual suit

For fall, I’ve decided to try to make my black suit casual. I figure if I can get more uses out of my suit. It seems to me that if you are going to make an investment in a suit, it should be worn. Adding a casual dimension to my black suit will help to bring it out of the closet more often.

Autumn in a black casual suit 2 Autumn in a black casual suit watch

I actually like a black suit. First of all it’s slimming so that’s always a plus. Second it tends to make my looks a bit more elegant. So then the question becomes how then do you make the black suit casual? For an evening out, the easiest thing to do is to wear the suit with a simple white dress shirt and not tie. This is a great date night look and still falls under a more elegant look. Swapping out the white dress shirt for a white tee is also another great choice.

Autumn in a black casual suitAutumn in a black casual suit - Uri Minkoff

For my look instead of the white dress shirt, I wanted a bit more color. I swapped out the white for a multi-colored shirt, again with no tie. In place of dress shoes or the easy substitute, white trainers, I went with black ones. I have been wearing white sneakers all summer so I like the transition to black for the cooler months. These minor changes are an easy way to make the black suit casual providing you more wearable options for the black suit.


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Autumn in a black casual suit - walking

Black suit – Hugo Boss | Multi-colored dress shirt – Robert Graham NYC | Slip-on sneakers – Uri Minkoff | Clear acetate sunglasses – James Dean Eyewear (use Barnette25 for a 25% discount) | Watch – What Watch | Laptop skin – Caseapp.com