For those who have a pension for shoes and if money was not an object, our closets would be filled with the likes of brands such as John Lobb, Gaziano and Girling and Crocket and Jones. We love Gucci, Prada and Ferragamo but oftentimes our budgets prevent us from having our wants satisfied. But what if one wants a good looking well-made shoe that is both affordable and can hold up to today’s current trends? Why not try Jack Erwin?

Founded in May of 2013 and launched in October of 2013, Jack Erwin has burst on to the scene with a collection of nicely constructed shoes at affordable prices. The brand was founded by Ariel Nelson and Lane Gerson to take on some of the high end names. What helps to set this brand apart is that the shoe’s uppers, the top portion of the shoe, are stitched to the soles which allows for longer wear and re-soling when the time comes.  Typically shoes around this price point have their uppers glued to the soles and do not wear as well.

Using the direct to consumer route, the company has come up with a nice line-up with looks that rival some of the top brands at about half the cost. The company’s philosophy is to forgo retailers and sell directly to consumer thereby providing a stylish shoe at a price that would normally sell for much more. With names like Archie, Jake, Ike and Ernie, these shoes seem more like a good buddy rather than simply nice kicks to cover your tootsies.

For such a relatively new company, the reviews have been positive with many raving that the brand is a cut above other shoes selling at the same price. The downsides? Production is in small batches so popular styles and sizes sell out quickly. However the company is happy to let you know when selections are back in stock and their line has even expanded for fall 2014. Also operating as an e-commerce business, purchasing is “buy it” before you “try it”. The company does have a showroom in New York City where you can actually try the shoes on if you are in the area.

The company’s current selection features three lines: the Sullivan collection, a hearty substantial upper paired with a thick Goodyear welted sole; the Foster collection, a lightweight upper paired with a thin flexible blake stitched sole and the Wright collection, soft suede drivers for the weekend warrior. The shoes are manufactured in Portugal and have a price point of around $200.  What’s especially nice is shipping as well as returns are free.

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