Sunday is National Bow Tie Day but I’ve never really given much thought to it. Nowadays, there’s a special day for everyday of the week so it’s only natural that the bow tie gets its day. But for this day would I be really celebrating National Bow Tie Day?

Celebrating National Bow Tie Day

The answer wasn’t so much a yes but it seems like it will be more of a day of remembrance. I think that’s because when I think of bow ties I think of my dad. It’s been a little over 3 years since he passed away. And while life does go on, I think about him constantly.

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I get my sense of style from my dad. He was the one who taught me how to tie a bow tie. He ‘d say, “It’s just like tying your shoe.” After he helped me a couple of times, I picked up tying a tie pretty quickly. Then I proceeded to steal all of his out of his closet!

Celebrating National Bow Tie Day - tie the tie2 Celebrating National Bow Tie Day - tie the tie

For my look on this day, I’ll be wearing clothes that would remind me of him. It’s a combination of things you might not think match but surprising work well together. A striped blue and white shirt with a green plaid bow tie was my first choice. He’d love the pattern on pattern although my mom would question if that really matched. He’d ignore her. Then maybe add white pants and a khaki blazer; after all it’s still summer. If he was wearing it on a Sunday, he and my mom would head of to church.
National Bow Tie Day.-5 National Bow Tie Day.-4

I’m glad that Daniel Wellington asked me to sport my watch on National Bow Tie Day. Time passes by so quickly and when I look down at my watch, I’ll be celebrating National Bow Tie Day thinking of my dad.

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National Bow Tie Day on the wall

Dapper Sheffield Watch – Daniel Wellington (Get 15% off your watch, use code: DCFASHIONFOOL); Khaki Blazer – Tommy Hilfiger; Blue and White Striped Dress Shirt – Ralph Lauren; White Slacks – Polo by Ralph Lauren; Green Plaid Bow Tie – Harrison Blake; Burgundy Monk Strap – To Boot NY

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Photography by John Robinson Photography – Check him out!!!