Happy St. Patrick’s Day, DCFashion Fool Style!

Studying careful before I try my hand!
See? I can do this!
Executive Chef Matt Zagorski
Can you quess which one was mine?

I hope you had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And just like many of you I donned my green in support of the festive holiday. However instead of dancing a jig at my favorite Irish bar, I chose to celebrate the day drinking mojitos (they are green, right?) and learning how to make empanadas from Executive Chef Matt Zagorsk, at local hot spot, Cuba Libra Restaurant and Rum Bar.

April 8th is National Empanada Day and the restaurant will be hosting an Empanada Happy Hour from 5pm to 7pm where you can savor four different signature Mamá Amelia’s EmpanadasPicadillo, De la Casa, Queso and Parisen, for $1 each. Throughout the month, Cuba Libra will also feature 2 specialty empanadas (from April 1st – 12th, an Empanadas de Cerezas with goat cheese, sour cherries, toasted pistachio and sweet cherry mostarda and from April 13th – 21sth, a Total Eclipse Lobster Empanada – black corn shell, Maine lobster and coral butter). Last but not least, on April 15th, they are hosting a cooking class to learn how to make these scrumptious empanadas under the tutelage of Executive Chef Zagorski,
If you take the class, maybe you can become an expert like I did. Well probably, better! That’s why I’m the DCFashion Fool; I dress better than I cook.  For last night’s event, I wore black swatch plaid pants by J. Crew, white Theory French cuff shirt and gray Burberry V-neck sweater. And yes, I know that black swatch is a Scottish tartan.
Pants – J. Crew, Sweater – Burberry, Shirt – Theory