What happens when one of your blogger friends arranges a weekend wine country tour? You put on your best look and agree to go. For my look, I went with classic style. Naturally it was all for the sake of looking good and drinking wine with great friends.

Classic style in wine country

Virginia is quickly becoming a hot spot for wine and since it’s just a short drive, a wine outing is an ideal out of the city excursion. It’s not too far that you can easily make a day trip out of hitting several wineries. However it’s far enough that it’s wise to have a designated driver. In our case, limousine service…. the best way to travel. I always say I should be driven.

Classic style in wine country - 868 Winery Classic style in wine country - smiling at 868 winery

One of the nice things about hitting a vineyard is that you can pretty much go year round. In the summer, many of the wineries host outdoor events where you can enjoy food pairings or great live music with a nice bottle of wine. In the winters, you can arrange tours and get lessons on wine making or simply sit by a cozy fire and sample a variety of different varietals.


Classic style in wine country in the barrelsWhen you are with a bunch of fashion bloggers, there also seems to be an unwritten competition of trying to out dress each other. For my winter excursion, I was with some of the most fashionable female social influencers in Washington so clearly| I would not be in the running for best dressed. However, I held my own in terms of warmth, comfort and classic style.

Classic style in wine country look in the barrels

I’m normally a suited guy. I like a classic tailored look but I’ve also been embracing more casual styles. I tend to focus on items that will carry me from year to year. If you’ve been following some of my previous post, you’ll recognize certain things that I’ll repeatedly wear.

One of my style tips is that while it’s nice to have new clothes and wear the latest thing, it makes more sense to invest in items that can carry you through several seasons. Trends come and go and the rise of fast fashion has made clothes more disposable. However it’s better to keep well-made staples in your arsenal.

Classic style in wine country - posing

For example, I love a pea coat. It’s a classic look that is always a perennial favorite. A well made one is very durable and can protect against the elements. Making it functional as well. I have had mine for several years and the style of the coat itself has changed very little. In fact, similar versions are still available. Pair it with a chunky sweater and jeans and you’re ready for a trip to the countryside. Another tip: buy off season; you get better deals! And don’t forget to add a hat, while skull caps and baseball caps seem to be the norm, you can never go wrong with a fedora or something with a snazzy brim.

Classic style in wine country in a stylish hat

For more on my wine country trip, check out details on Men’s Life DC.

Classic Style – Look Details

Peacoat – Burberry | Chunky turtleneck – Hugo Boss | Denim jeans – 34 Heritage | Boots – Billy Reid | Sunglasses – Tom Ford | Hat – Goorin Bros.