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The puffer jacket has been one of those go to coats that guys clamor to every winter. It’s no wonder why. The quilted coat is one of those tried and true coats known for keeping you warm during some of the harshest of winter months. Because of its popularity it’s even become a staple in many of the high-end fashion brands. That’s why I was really excited when I heard that North Face introduced its Cryos line this fall. Cryos by North Face is the new line of premium outerwear inspired by the mountains.

North Face has been around since 1966 and over that time has built a reputation of producing high performance outerwear. It’s been a favorite among athletes and it makes sense that it has turned its attention to the luxury market. The new Cryos line features fashionable urban styles paired with the best technology and materials.

Cryos in the City - Close Up Stare - Vertical Cryos in the City - look away

While I’m no true outdoor enthusiast, I will admit I have done my fair share of outdoor experiences…. skiing in Aspen and Breckinridge as well as spending some time in Lake Placid pretending that I’m an Olympic All Star. I can definitely appreciate the need for outerwear that can withstand the cruelest of winter weather. But après-ski is much more to my liking where style is just as important as combatting freezing cold winter weather.

Cryos in the CityCryos in the City - street

That’s why I love my Cryos Expedition GTX Bomber. It has all the features of high performance outerwear such as its waterproof, breathable Gore Tex shell that’s 100% windproof. The 800-fill goose down is towards the higher end of down coats. The average is around a 550 fill. Combining these features with its more fashion forward styling means that this is a coat I’ll be grabbing a lot when DC hits the colder parts of winter. And if anyone wants to invite me to a luxury winter wonderland getaway, I have just the coat to take with me.

Cryos in the City - street pose & walkCryos in the City - Hooded

Part of my quest this season has been to showcase more elevated casual clothing. So I’ve paired my jacket with tonal gray tones for a terrific lux look. And I think the removable faux fur collar just heightens the look. Although it’s faux it looks and feels like the real thing. I doubt I’ll be removing the collar much. While I’m showing it over a casual look, don’t be surprised if you see me sporting this coat over my suits. Especially when the winter gets really cold. Although it’s geared for mountain life, my coat will be seeing heavy action in the city!

Cryos in the City - Close UpCryos in the City - smiles

I found my coat as well as the rest of the Cryos by North Face collection at Zappos.com. I’ve been shopping the site a lot lately. Surprisingly it has a lot more than just shoes. I found my Cryos bomber in its luxury division, which is quickly becoming a favorite spot to shop.

Cryos in the City - street pose & more Cryos in the City - street pose

Photos by Jen Jean-Pierre (Commecoco)