DCer’s love their cupcakes and I being no exception can never say no to the delectable handheld treat.  Yes I know this is primarily a fashion blog, but hey I gotta eat sometime.  In honor of my father’s 86th birthday, I decided to give him cupcakes.  Since I was so close to Georgetown Cupcake, naturally I had to stop by.  Plus I knew the secret cupcake of the day (hint: follow them on twitter @GTownCupcake),  I was earlier enough to get a free one.  Bonus!

But why stop there?  I thought why not stop at Sprinkles (follow them also @Sprinkles they give away free cupcakes as well) and pick up a cupcake or two there? And Baked and Wired was just around the corner so I thought why not grab one from there too?  Since I was already over the edge, I figured Hello Cupcake was just up the street and so maybe I should get one from there as well and turn it into a impromptu cupcake challenge.

It was on!  I had vanilla cupcakes from each bakery so now I had to enlist tasters.  They will remain nameless but they had a hard task of picking their favorites.  They were each give a sample of each of the cupcakes but they didn’t know where they came from.  It all!”

The judges criteria?  Tell me the one you like the best.  It was a very close race.  As my dad said, “Do I have to pick just one?  It’s my birthday and I love them all!”  All though it was a very close race, the winner…… Sprinkles!

Although my challenge was very unscientific, DCFashionFool and Friends have spoken.  The group’s only request, “When do we get to do it again!”  Until next time, Happy Shopping!

Sprinkles – 3015 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007 202-4501610

Georgetown Cupcake– 3301 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007 202-333-8448

Hello Cupcake – 1361 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036 202-544-2210

Baked and Wired – 1052 Jefferson Street NW, Washington, DC 20007  202-333-2500