With new restaurants popping up everyday, Washington is becoming known for its great places to eat.  DC Foodies are always rushing to the newest opening so it’s sometimes easy to forget some well-established places offer great meals.  That’s what we found out the other night when a group of friends ventured over to Carmine’s.

The Italian restaurant serves great comfort food and when you go, do not leave without sampling their meatballs.  Served family style we gorged ourselves on those infamous meatballs, linguine with a white clam sauce, rigatoni country style and a broiled porterhouse steak that simply melted in your mouth. By the time the dessert came, aptly name the Titanic, we knew we were sunk. However who can say no to a flourless chocolate torte with 5 scoops of ice cream, mounds of whip cream and chocolate sauce. So we didn’t go down without a fight.

It’s not always about what’s new. Sometimes old favorites are just as terrific.  That’s one of my approaches to dressing as well. Just like opting for Carmine’s over the latest and greatest hot spot, it’s good to pull out some old favorites in your closet. They can still provide a great look. For my dinner, I opted for Burberry. My pants in the classic Burberry plaid were a little fuller and worn over a tonal white shirt and short pea coat.  This is one of my favorite looks and all pieces were from previous seasons.