DCFashion-Fool-@-Station-4 closeup My office is business casual but I like wearing suits.  So if I have an after work function, I jump at the opportunity to dress up. The other day, I was invited to dinner at Station 4 so that meant a great opportunity to sport a fantastic tailored look.Station-4-and-DCFashion-Fool I opted for a slim blue pinstriped suit from Isaia. As one of my coworkers remarked, “You actually look like a banker but your suit actually fits.” I like this modern cut. It’s close to the body and to top it off, it’s nicely tailored. Because of the slim fit, my crisp white dress shirt by Armani also hadthat modern cut for that slimmer fit. My tie however was a little wider resulting in a nice contrast to the shirt and suit. Since the pinstripes of the suit were so prominent, the minichecks in the tie gave it almost a solid appearance.Station-4-Details Jack-Erwin-Station-4 To finish the look, my cufflinks were by Kenneth Cole, very simple and understated. Instead of a pocket square, I opted for the lapel flower. Burgundy shoes are by Jack Erwin. These shoes are some of my new favorites. This online company is making great quality shoes at excellent price points.

If you haven’t been to Southwest DC recently, I highly recommend heading over to Station 4 for a meal. Having not ventured over to that part of town recently, I was in for quite a surprise. Gone are the old waterfront favorites such as Hogates, Phillips and Zanzibar. Instead the area is poised to be one of the next areas in DC slated for revitalization.   

I was invited for dinner and was very excited to try the menu from Chef Orlando Amaro. For the evening, he created a meal selected just for us. Starting with a Golden Oyster, followed by Spring Toast then Lobster Salad leading up to a Bacon Chop served family style. Everything tasted as beautiful as it looked. There was almost no room for the Lemon Curd Gingerbread dessert. I said almost. If you’re heading to the Arena Stage, hit Station 4 first for their Pre Theater Dinner menu. A complete meal featuring first course, main course and dessert is $35.