3New York Fashion Week is an interesting time of year especially this season. First, was the move out the tents from Lincoln Center, which was not 100% surprising. This year many of the shows where held at Skylight at Moynihan Station – 360 West 33rd Street, Skylight Clarkson Square -558 Washington Street and even at Chelsea Piers. But with some many shows going on, many other locations held events as well. So the question for attendees was how to I look good and make it from show to show.2 4

The second reason was the anticipation of what the new venues would mean. For Spring 2016, it meant less people were credentialed for the shows, many people didn’t get into shows they normally were invited to attend and then the spottiness of the Internet connections where social media is the lifeblood for many in attendance. Despite all of that there’s still a genuine excitement to attending the events and seeing the fashions coming down the runway. And again the question is how do I look good while attending?13 16

Along with the challenge of looking good was the task of getting around to the shows. Lots of Ubers, lots of cab and even walking and that was just Day 1! What’s also interesting is that among the glamour and high fashion of the runway shows and presentations, there’s also a wonderful juxtaposition to the grittiness of New York.

While in between shows, I found a neat place to shoot one of my New York Fashion Week looks. I’m a fan of a tailored suited look. Normally accompanied by with a dress shirt, tie and maybe a lapel flower or pocket square. However for this season, I wanted to loosen things up a bit. Opting for a more casual shirt, no tie and instead of dress shoes, high top sneakers.14 15

For fall, I like grays and blues and think this combination worked really well. The label flower pin was my pop of color and was a nice addition. Also were the high-tops. These multicolor high tops by Buscemi added the final kick to complete the whole look.10 11


Suit: Pants and Blazer by Theory  Dress Shirt: Prada; Floral Label Pin: Super Rag Doll Designs; High-tops:  Buscemi8