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Be honest. Have you ever picked out your clothes based on your shoes? I’ll admit it. I have. And that’s exactly what I did when I grabbed my new boots from Kenneth Cole New York from their Techni-cole line.

As a guy who loves a great tailored look, it’s been hard for me to adopt more casual looks. However I recognize that a stylish suit is not ideal for every occasion. So I’ve been trying to find more casual looks that I can wear when the situation calls for something not so formal. Plus it gives me a chance to change up my shoe game. When I saw these Techni-cole boots I knew I could come up with a great elevated casual look.

Kenneth Cole New York style Kenneth Cole New York Elevated Look

I must admit I don’t think too much about technology when I’m looking for a pair of shoes. My criteria have been that if they are well made and look great then the shoes are high on my list of must haves. But technology does play a role with my new Kenneth Cole New York boots. These new boots were designed with 37.5 technology.

Kenneth Cole New York Gucci Kenneth Cole New York Boots

Did you know that your ideal body temperature is 37.5 degrees Celsius? And that’s the philosophy of the new Kenneth Cole technology. Footwear plays an important part of regulating your body temperature. Tiny particles in my boots retain infrared energy when it’s warm to help keep my feet warm. Plus the particles also trap odor molecules to keep my feet fresh all day. So while I didn’t consider the 37.5 technology, I was grateful after sporting these bad boys all day.

Kenneth Cole New York - Looking Up Kenneth Cole New York

I look at this technology as an added bonus because the bottom-line is that this is a pair of great looking boots. Plus they looked great with the clothes I based the shoes on. Sleek, black and modern!  I grabbed these from Zappos.com, which has a fantastic selection of Kenneth Cole New York footwear including selections from their Techni-Cole line.

Photos by Jen Jean-Pierre (Commecoco)