9I haven’t had a three-piece suit in years and I’ve been a little hesitant to purchase a new one. I think it’s because to me it always seemed so formal and I don’t think I necessarily fit the image (unless I’m sporting a tux). That’s not to say I wouldn’t wear just a vest. I think worn without a jacket, a simple vest is always in vogue.10 6

Recently I stumbled across an amazing three-piece suit and because the deal was so phenomenal I couldn’t pass it up. It is a gorgeous charcoal Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit. The material feels incredible and the fit is impeccable. Don’t be afraid to hit some of the high end stores this time of year, you can find some fantastic deals. My suit was marked down and then an additional 80% off.

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Despite all these positives, the suit languished in my closet. So the other day with no special occasion, I decided I was going to wear it. As soon as I put it on I felt like a million bucks. I think my initial hesitation was because the suit is charcoal and the addition of a vest makes the look seem very dark.Cover

To combat the darkness and to spruce it up, I added a light tonal striped shirt and a bright blue tie. I loved this combination and I’m eager to find some other shirt and tie combinations to keep my look fresh and up today. What are your thoughts? I’d love some suggestions from you.7 11

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Charcoal three-piece suit – Ralph Lauren Purple Label ; White tonal striped dress shirt – Burberry; Blue paisley tie – Stefano Ricci; Double monk-strap shoes: John Lobb


Photography by John Robinson Photography – Check him out!!!