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Now that winter has finally hit, it’s the perfect opportunity to whip out that winter clothing that has been desperately waiting to be freed from the closet. Thick sweaters, boots and gloves are now in hot demand and it is the great time to hit the stores to pick up some extra pieces. Many stores are discounting winter clothing and we still have days of cold weather to face.

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I picked up this sweater for two reasons. First I wanted a thick chunky sweater for the winter season. I tend to run cold, so thick wool sweaters are a mainstay for me when the weather hits the frigid temperatures. Secondly, I wanted something fun and what could be more fun than large fish on a thick winter knitwear?The large fish, or are they whales, make for a whimsical look and were a perfect attention grabber for a walk around the park. This knitwear is actually a zip front jacket and would work nicely with a button down shirt worn underneath but I like it with the zipper pulled up giving it a mock turtleneck feel.

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? I wanted to make the sweater pop so I paired it with ivory pants. Although not denim, this 5 pocket style mimics a jeans look and keeps the outfit casual. I finished my outfit with a great pair of waterproof boots and aviator sunglasses.

Walking around Dupont Circle, one of DC’s iconic locations, I couldn’t help but think that this look would work well once the snow hits. A chunky sweater for warmth, waterproof boots from combating the snow and sunglasses to fight glare only proves that fashion can also be functional. It’s an ultimate winter clothing look!

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Details/Shop my look

Lambswool Blend Handknit Jacket – Gant | 5 Pocket slacks – Theory | Waterproof hiking boots – Polo by Ralph Lauren | Aviator sunglasses – Prada


Photography by John Robinson Photography – Check him out!!!