While there still may be frost in the air, I say it’s never too late to look forward to spring.  I’ve long been an advocate of picking up pieces now before the season gets into high gear.  The stores have embraced it and if you happen to be heading off to some tropical island to get away from the cold, stores are offering much to shake you head out of the winter doldrums

A recent look at Gucci helps to illustrate my point.  For spring, we are seeing some pretty bold colors for the season.  Greens, golds and reds are sharing the spotlight with the traditional modern variations of blacks that have served Gucci well.  For 2013, pastels and variations of creams and tans round out the collection. Even looks in black show a pop of color

On a recent visit to Gucci in Chevy Chase, I was surprised to see menswear take a more prominent role in the store’s space allocation.  While the store still carries a nice selection of ladies’ shoes and bags, they no longer carry any women’s clothing.  All ready to wear is dedicated to men.  “Women aren’t buying Gucci clothing in Washington,” said my contact at Gucci.  “They buy the bags and shoes but clothing just doesn’t sell well here.”
This is one of the rare occasion where the focus in on the men rather than the women.  Although the full collection is not currently in the store, Gucci will be more than happy to order any of the current looks for you.

While you still may be facing the chill, go ahead and set your sights on the warmer months to come.  Gucci’s gearing to chase the cold away.  Until next time,  Happy Shopping!
Gucci is located at 5481Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, Maryland. (301) 986-8902.  In the Washington area you can also find them at Tysons Galleria in Tysons Corner, Virginia or online at www.gucci.com.  All pictures courtesy of www.gucci.com.