Over the last few years, men’s tailored clothing has started to make a resurgence.  Television shows like Gossip Girl, Mad Men and Suits have made the art of wearing suits cool again.  So now what?  Whether you’re revamping your existing collection or have just purchased a new suit to add to the fray, it’s also time to look at your shirts and ties. 

Just like with your suits, shirts have become more tapered and ties a little narrower.  But one of the trends I’m loving is the solid tie.  Yes there is a place for the bold bright tie but sometimes a more muted tie can add pop to you suit.

Bold patterns like the gingham blue Ralph Lauren Purple Label or muted checks from Armani make a perfect canvass for these solid ties from Hugo Boss and Neiman Marcus, respectively.  What’s nice is that these two looks can work with the same suit.  Consider a navy or gray.
Just because your tie is solid doesn’t mean you shirt can’t be as well.  This white shirt by Neiman Marcus is paired with this electric blue Brioni tie.  Notice how the white shirt is given a little texture with its tonal white embossed pattern. 
It’s okay to mix your patterns (see below).  See how the mini polka dot tie works well with the striped shirt, both by Hugo Boss.  And along side this combination is the Armani pattern dress shirt is shown here with a tonal striped blue tie.  While neither is truly a solid colored tie, they are more muted and still bring a new look to the shirt tie combination almost within the solid tie family.
What’s nice is the Washington area has the just what you’re looking for to update your look. These ties and shirts were found a Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus all within the Washington area.  So grab yours now.  Until next time, Happy Shopping!