What do you do when you stranded during a snow blizzard? Well if you’re a lifestyle fashion blogger, you do what you do best…online shop. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with finding some great vests. Whether it’s worn with a 3-piece suit or just a vested look on it’s own, the look is very versatile.

Popped over to Macy’s Online because BarIII is graciously gifting me with a look. Hopefully it’ll will arrive in time to make the trip up to New York Fashion Week Mens. Stay tuned!

Bar III Olive Multi-Check Slim-Fit Vest, Only at Macy’s • Bar III • $64.99
Bar III Merlot Dobby-Textured Dress Shirt, Only at Macy’s • Bar III • $34.99
Bar III Amber Paisley Tie, Only at Macy’s • Bar III • $29.99
Bar III Midnight Blue Slim-Fit Pants • Bar III • $94.99