I have a terrible shoe habit.  Well at least I don’t think it’s terrible.  Afterall my mother told me, “Never wear cheap shoes, you’ll ruin your feet!” And my dad lectured me, “Do not wear the same shoes day to day.  They need time to breath.”  So naturally I’ve listened to both my parents and taken to heart the valuable lessons they so preached.  Maybe that’s why I have a closet full of Gucci and Prada shoes.  But in my defense, I am not hard on shoes and have many pairs that have lasted for years.
Despite my care, some pairs do eventually wear down and no matter of shoe repair, polish, pleading or cajoling will bring them back to life.  Much to my sadness, I have recently had to retire two pairs: my favorite Prada logo slip-ons with the rubber sole and a pair of Gucci horsebit loafers that had seen several visits to the shoe doctor.  So now I’m on the hunt to replace these old standbys.  I have a few selections in mind but I wanted to see what some other new options were out there.
Photo from Christian Louboutin Online Shop
If women can have them why not look at Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin? I must admit I had a pair of blue suede Jimmy Choos in the past. But I was never in love with them so I wasn’t overly disappointed when Jimmy Choo stopped designing for men.  But since they’ve been back I decided to give them and Louboutins another look. I knew both companies have had men’s lines for a few years but I wanted to see if anything floated my boat.
Photo from Jimmy Choo Online Shop

While both offer some really far out designs …Can we say Rollerboy Spikes or the Camoflagued Sloane evening slipper?  Both had some more readily wearable designs that would look great gracing my feet.  First up is the Holborn monkstrap by Jimmy Choo.  This stylish number is a holdover from prior seasons suggesting it will hold its looks for years to come.  It comes in several variations and can be found at higher end retailers and Jimmy Choo boutiques and online.  It makes me sad that I didn’t snap up the suede version when it was on sale several months ago.
Photo from Jimmy Choo Online
From Louboutin, I fell for the Daddy Flat, a tasseled loafer that has a sleek line but still maintains it’s minimalist look.  The Daddy Flat is available in several variations and can be purchased at Louboutin boutiques as well as online.  As expected, it comes with that signature red bottom.  This real gem is truly calling my name!  The Daddy Flat comes in several variations and is available at Louboutin boutiques and online.
Photo from Christian Louboutin Online

With choices like these, I will soon be known as the male Carrie Bradshaw.  DC better watch out! Happy shopping!