I’m become fascinated with the luxury sneaker market. There are some high-end high tops and brands available today. Check out my top ten list.

Check out The Top Ten High-End Sneakers

by Barnette Holston at Mode

I love my high-end high tops but I have to admit, I’m typically not a sneakers kind of guy. I gravitate towards a tailored look kind of guy so sneakers don’t normally end up as part of a fashion look. If you do see me in sneakers it’s usually because I heading to the gym or going out for a run.

High-End High Tops Full Look 2

However, times are changing. When I saw these Buscemi high-tops, I knew I had to add these to my shoe collection. More importantly, I knew that I would be wearing high top sneakers much more frequently.

Buscemi HIgh-End High Tops Close up Buscemi HIgh-End High Tops

One of the great things about these shoes is that they are so versatile. They’re perfect to dress down a tailored look but also easily dress up a casual look. After wearing these for awhile, I’m now on the hunt for other high tops.

Casual look for High-End High Tops

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