One of the ways, I feel I can elevate my style is by wearing a great statement piece of clothing. This year for New York Fashion Week Men’s I found an awesome pair of tie-dyed pants that I thought would be the perfect statement pants to work into my wardrobe. A terrific pair of statement pants in an interesting print is a great way to go a little bolder in your dressing.

I’ve said it time and time again; Fashion Weeks are when you get to see some of the most outrageous street styles. For those who know me, know that I’m not going to wear some crazy get up that begs for attention and can only be worn outside the venues hosting the fashion shows and runways. However I’d be lying if I said I don’t care about being noticed for my style. After all, I do run The DCFashion Fool to do that very thing, show off my style. So of course I’d love to be snapped by the paparazzi and noted for my great fashion sense.

For my New York Fashion Week Men’s street style moment, I donned my statement pants and paired them with a black velvet blazer and speckled tie. I like the idea of toning down other pieces in my look to give that statement piece a little extra attention. I also added pops of color such as my bold fuchsia pocket square and my purple socks. Grabbing a pair of sunglasses and a fantastic carry all tote, I was ready for a full day of fashion like catching the 12 designers showing their looks during New York Men’s Day.

What is really interesting to me is the street style roundups from all the publications once the fashion weeks in each city are over. Everyone always touts the best street styles captured during the week but I find that many of the looks are a little too outlandish or costumy and don’t really represent the “Best in Style.” It’s almost similar to what’s going inside at the shows. It’s the over the top look that oftentimes garners the media attention. It’s an attempt to break through from all the fashion that’s being shown at once. Is it a good thing? I don’t know but remember the words of Yves St. Laurent, “Fashion’s fade, style is eternal.” What are your thoughts on street style? I’ld love to hear your take. Send me a comment or tweet me.

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Tie-Dyed Print Pants – J. Brand; Velvet Blazer – Tommy Hilfiger; Speckled Tie – Sprezzabox; Tonal Patterned Tote – Alexander Wang NYC (similar);  Penny loafers – Tom Ford; Sunglasses – Tom Ford (similar)