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Nautica A/W 2016 – One thing about Nautica is they are consistent to their look and aesthetic. Steeped in nautical roots, the company derives its inspiration from the details, textures, architecture and experiences of New York. The company’s new campaign seeks to hone in on its image, “Inspired by the sea designed in the city.”Nautica A/W 2016 Look 1

A/W 2016 was a continuation of what we saw for Spring 2016 adapted for the cooler climates. The collection was heavy in outerwear and knitwear with that strong nautical influence but with that modern edge. Here we saw peacoats in camel, cream and even colorblocked blue and white, knitwear in striking geometric print as well as a full array of puffer jackets. The company is also moving into the athleisure sphere with joggers being prominently shown throughout the runway presentation. Top looks included a sail cream wool admiral coat which and the transparent rubber hazard fireman jacket. Two very different looks but each bold in their own right.Nautica A/W 2016 Look 2

See the full collection from Nautical A/W 2016 here (all photos taken by me):

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