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Ricardo Seco A/W 2016 Look 1

In February, Ricardo Seco presented his Ricardo Seco A/W 2016 collection. Just before his presentation, I had a chance to speak with the Mexican born, New York based designer.

Tell me about your collection I’m happy. The name of this collection is “Time” I feel that it’s a collection that represents this time that I work in New York. The inspiration is the serape. The serape is an item of North of Mexico where I’m from. I take the full color for details in the collection and I make my own design with the serape and mix with black and white. It’s like New York, Mexico plus New York City Street. That’s because it has a lot of black and some silhouettes that I saw in the streets of New York.

Ricardo Seco A/W 2016 Look 1 back

So where are you based? I based in New York. I mean, I go to Mexico but I’m based in New York.

 I saw your “Luck” collection and it was very colorful, how is this one different? It’s primarily black but there’s a lot of texture with black with many details in color and some florals. But I think it’s very interesting how I mix everything. I use leather, fox, wool, cashmere and cotton.Ricardo Seco A/W 2016 Serape

What’s the one piece to look at in the collection? The serape is the one the one piece to look to. I think the serape is amazing. I do it for men and for women. I can see it in the best places in the winter in the world.

Ricardo Seco A/W 2016 Look 3

 What’s your take on men’s fashion? I think that it’s good. New York needed Men’s week and it’s the time for doing that. I appreciate the best energy that they share with me when they invited me to participate. And I’m vey happy for that because I come from a faraway country that when I arrived it was very difficult and nothing happened but now 4 years later I feel that something good is coming.

Ricardo Seco A/W 2016 Look 4As expected, the serape featured prominently in Seco’s collection with the colors used serving as colorful details to the largely black pieces. The looks were much darker than his Spring/Summer 2016 presentation entitled Luck which was inspired by four cards in the Mexican card game, “La Loleria”. The difference being the seasonal change where Spring/Summer is bright and colorful while the latest collection shoots for New York in the winter. That means black. Yet the pops of color and whimsical nature of the collection gave the pieces an added spark. The whimsical nature is further escalated as Seco takes a jab at Donald Trump, featuring the presidential hopeful in his own serape and a defiantly empowering slogan, “I’m Mexico, who is Trump? as well as cartoon legend, Speedy Gonzalez embroidered on the back and jacket sleeves of a sharp military jacket.Ricardo Seco A/W 2016 Look 5