A patterned blazer is fast becoming one of my go to items in my closet. While I love a great suit, the patterned blazer can really be quite versatile. It looks as great with jeans as it does with slacks and a tie. You can go as bold as you want and mix patterns to create a really eye popping look.

NYFWM best lookNYFWM street style Striking a pose during NYFWM NYFWM Action shot

Sometimes however subtly can be a winner, which is how I approached my latest look. Black slacks and a crisp white shirt are anything but boring when dressed up with my checked patterned blazer. Working with the blues in my blazer, I added a fantastic paisley tie. The paisley, in blue and black, pulled together the jacket and pants and looked great against the white shirt. Since I’m obsessed with lapel flower pins, I thought this one with its multi-shades of blue worked well.

This was one of my looks that I sported during New York Fashion Week. The beauty is that I wear this look here in DC as well. It was not one of the attention grabbing impractical looks that many were sporting in an attempt to grab street style fame. This was just a well-put together look. Remember, you don’t have to go over top to get noticed for great style. Grab a pattern blazer. It will soon become a favorite staple in your wardrobe.

NYFWM in glasses Serious NYFWM pose The streets of NYFWM Over the shoulder look for NYFWM

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Patterned blazer – Saks Fifth Avenue Samuelsohn; White dress shirt – Armani; Black dress slacks – John Varvatos; Paisley tie – Hugo Boss – similar; Lapel flower pin – Hook and Albert; Horsebit loafers – Ferragamo