GN5C2992 GN5C3040 GN5C2951There’s nothing I like better than dressing in a nicely tailored look and I love a great suit. My problem is that I tend to stick to blues, grays and blacks. I do try to spice them up with great shirt and tie combinations but sometimes I want to shake things up. That’s why it’s nice to throw a patterned suit into the mix of your wardrobe. Sometimes it’s a good idea to break away from the old routine.

A great patterned suit can add some variety to your closet. If you’re like me and have several suits, you tend to stick with the same color palette so to spice thing up why not add something a little different in your arsenal? For me, I opted from a light brown window paned suit since many of my suits are in the darker range (think blues, grays and blacks). By wearing a darker, suit, I tend to let my shirt/tie combination take center stage in my look.

GN5C2943 GN5C2940

A suit like this one can becomes the focal point and now my shirt/tie combination become the enhancements. This windowpane look really stands out in this light brown color. And just because the suit has a big bold pattern, I didn’t shy away from combining it with a patterned shirt as well. Notice though that the check of the shirt is a much smaller design so that the design of the shirt isn’t competing with the design of the suit but rather complimenting it. In addition, this lighter color combined with the pink in the shirt, tie and pocket square adds a brightness to the look . This helps to make the look stand out apart from the darker colors normally associated with Fall/Winter.

GN5C2969 GN5C2962 GN5C3041

The bold lines in the suit also have architectural feel. I shot this look at the end of Georgetown on the Key Bridge where the bridge mimics the same architectural feel of the suit with the green railing fence of the bridge and this also holds true for the railing of the steps from the adjacent park. I loved shooting in this part of town and it turned out to be the ideal seating for capturing the essence of my tailored look.

GN5C2979 GN5C3017

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Photography by John Robinson Photography – Check him out!!!