And just like that, the weather has changed. Whether we like it or not, Washingtonians must now brace for the fall/winter season. Prepared or not the falling temps may not not necessarily bad news. The downside…it’s cold! I get miserable. On the plus side, it’s time to whip out that outerwear that has been languishing in the back of your closet all summer. If you’re in need of a new coat or looking to enhance or update your wardrobe, I recommend choosing a perennial fall style. The advantage is that you’ll have a coat that will take you over many seasons.

Perennial Fall Style #1 – The Pea Coat

peacoat - perennial fall fashion

The pea coat has been around since the 1800s and pops up annually as one of the great coats for the season. It’s no surprise that this popular perennial style has been adopted by both the U.S. and U.K. navies. Brands like Burberry and Billy Reid have constantly reintroduced the pea coat from year to year. In more recent seasons, pea coats have been introduced in lighter fabrics and are being shown year round but I like the heavier fabrics such as wool or cashmere. These hearty jackets are perfect to ward off that winter chill.

Perennial Fall Style #2 – The Camel Coat

Camel Coat - perennial fall style.

As with the pea coat, the overcoat got its design from the military coats of the past. After World War I men’s coats mimicked the military styles of the day. It is these same styles that now define the overcoat that we know today. Overcoats made with camel hair up the ante for a more luxurious look. However today we’re seeing these coats in a variety of fabrics which help maintain that lux look but keep the costs down. Whether oversized like the Ralph Lauren version or a more streamlined coat from brands such as APC, a camel colored coat stands out in a sea of blue, black and gray coats.

Perrenial Fall Style #3 – the Bomber Jacket

perennial fall style                                                                                                                                                                                               Keeping with our military theme but now adapted for the everyday man is my third choice, the bomber jacket. The bomber jacket got its influence from the flight jacket, the style originally developed for military pilots. These flight jacket was also the inspiration for the letterman jacket which have long been a staple in men’s wardrobes. When looking for a bomber go wth my recommendation, that’a bomber with a convertible collar. Check out a full selection of bomber jackets here.

Choose from these three perennial fall styles and you’ll have a coat to carry you through several seasons. Don’t like these choicea? Shop more outerwear here.

Look Details

Perennial fall look #1 – Peacoat, shirt and pants all by Burberry

Perennial fall look #2 – Camel Coat – J. Lindeberg | Black turtleneck and plaid trousers – Burberry

Perennial fall look #3 –  Bomber jacket – Miu Miu | Tan sweater – Burberry | Cream trousers – Ralph Lauren

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