About a month ago, The Gap began airing their spring ad campaign with Sarah Jessica Parker singing “I Enjoy Being a Girl.” The Pretty Khaki campaign seem to be a hit. Shortly thereafter they announced that they were dropping poor Sarah in order to use Joss Stone and others in order to reach their target demographic. I was a little shocked. I thought the commercials were fun and I especially liked the new one.

I have to admit though lately I’ve been having mixed feelings about the store. In college, The Gap was a staple. Having work there throughout my college years, most of my wardrobe came from the store. With the rejuvenation of Banana Republic and the introduction of Old Navy, here were more avenues to expand my wardrobe. I grew with Banana Republic and used Old Navy for those inexpensive and fun clothes.

Lately, I’ve been feeling that I’m too old for The Gap. So with the introduction of Sarah, I was thinking it was time to give the store a second look. By the time, “I Enjoy Being a Girl” came out, I was ready to give the store a second look. Even thinking, “I Could Enjoy Being a Boy!” I guess that’s all changed. With The Gap now changing it’s tune, I have the feeling that once you reach a certain age you are too old for the store.

The Gap’s sales haven’t been improving but maybe it’s too soon to blame the advertising. Could it be that the franchise is canabalizing itself with Old Navy and Banana Republic? Could it be that competition among competitors is just more intense? Or maybe their offerings aren’t capturing the hearts and more importantly the wallets of the public?

It’s a shame about Sarah I guess she’s not longer “pretty khaki.” More importantly, it’s shame The Gap is alienating me.