Archway of Textile Museum during six days in Slovenia

Clothing Details: Long sleeve navy polo – Vince, Geometric print trousers – Michael Kors, Sneakers – Prada

I spent six days in Slovenia. I didn’t know what to expect this first trip to Slovenia but I can tell you it is a joy to behold. From picturesque country sides, magnificent castles and churches to its sprawling modern capital, Slovenia is the hidden jewel of Europe. Spending nearly a week in the country, I traveled from wine country to the capital, Ljubljana and enjoyed everything this beautiful former Yugoslavin Republic had to offer.

View Tower landscape during six days in SloveniaAfter flying into Venice, it was a nice van ride to the wine region of Brda. One of my travel tricks was to stick to one color scheme for ease of packing and to give me more outfit choices. For this trip, I opted for hues of blues, blacks and whites. Fortunately for me 70% of Slovenia’s wine is white so I wasn’t to worried about staining my clothing and the wine from sparkling to red was fantastic.Haystack visit during six days in Slovenia

Haystack look during six days in Slovenia

Clothing Details: Lightweight knit navy sweater – Armani, Striped white cotton trousers – Ralph Lauren Polo , Slip-ons – Gucci

With Slovenia’s wine country so close to Italy, there is quite a similarity to Italy’s terrain, which makes it ripe for some outstanding wine as well as fantastic fruits. While I was there, cherries were abundant and quite delicious. Touring the countryside it’s amazing to see thriving wineries that not only provide outstanding wines but also offer elegant meals and cozy accommodations overlooking the vineyards such as Hiša Štekar.

Natural Stone Bridge during six days in SloveniaBut wine isn’t the only attraction the country had to offer and with only six days in Slovenia, I tried to see everything. Visiting castles (or manors as the locals called them because they were not fortified),  gazing at the natural stone bridge  or wandering around the quaint little towns such as St. Martin, you get the feeling that you’ve stepped off a page of a fairy tale. It’s that lovely. And I did live like a king, while staying in the Hotel Gredič, a transformed castle.Breadmaking during six days in SloveniaSlovenia is proud of its history and encourages visitors take an active part in learning about it. At the Technical Museum, I was hands on in making bread using traditional methods, learned about the history of printing and celebrated the incredible car collection of President Josef Tito. There’s even a museum dedicated to hayracks, which are called kozolecs in Slovenian. The museum has transformed a series of these structures, originally used for drying and storing hay, into a meeting and event space.Lounging during six days in Slovenia I wanted my travel looks to be cool and casual yet not give off the tacky tourist look. Since it was spring, slim fit polos, lightweight slacks and sweaters where the ideal clothing choice for days of touring, wining and dining. Espadrilles and slip-on sneakers were comfortable for traipsing around the country. A light waterproof jacket guarded off the evening chill and served as great protection against the light rain.  Looking smart in a beautiful country is always a wise choice. 

A visit to Lake Bled during six days in Slovenia One of the most iconic locations of Slovenia is Lake Bled with a giant castle on a cliff along with a church in the middle of the lake. Not only is it a romantic destination, there’s plenty of outdoor activities to savor the idyllic location.

Dragon during six days in SloveniaThe capital of Ljubljana is a modern bustling metropolis but still complete with its old world charm including a castle and the dragon as the city’s symbol. Boutique hotels such as the Vander, daily open air markets and charming outdoor restaurants and cafes go a long way to support the mayor’s claim for Ljubljana as “the most beautiful city in the world.”

Wearing Gucci during six days in Slovenia

Clothing Details: Sheer black & off-white shirt – Gucci, Off-white linen trouses – Armani, Navy espadrilles – Salvatore Ferragamo

My travel to Slovenia was quite easy and an experience of a lifetime. For more information about planning your own trip, contact Luxury Slovenia. Enjoy at least six days in Slovenia.

It's time for wine during six days in Slovenia

Clothing Details: Lightweight waterproof jacket – Gucci