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Slim Fit Navy Suit: Theory jacket and trousers; Navy Gingham Dress Shirt – Ralph Lauren, Solid Navy Tie – Hugo Boss; Lapel Pin – Knottinghill Bowties; Black Lace-up Boots – To Boot


Living in Washington, people tend to take for granted the monuments that majestically dot the landscape in DC. For my latest shoot, I wanted to highlight my latest look on the National Mall. I thought the ideal place to showcase my sharp navy suit would be at the Lincoln Memorial.17 19

Standing in the spot where Martin Luther King so eloquently delivered his “I Have A Dream Speech” and overlooking the Washington Monument, it’s impossible not to reflect on the many who have fought so hard for the rights of all Americans. These landmarks are filled with such history and importance that I couldn’t help but feel nothing less than presidential.6 10

Although, I love a tailored look, with the advent of business casual, a lot of guys are foregoing the classic suit. For those who only own only own one suit or are making the decision to purchase their first suit, a navy suit is the perfect option. Navy is versatile giving the wearer a variety of options. It can be dressed up to add formality or dressed down for a more casual look. It’s great for to use as an interview suit, ideal for a night on the town and can make a guy seem more approachable in business situations as compared to a black suit.7 15

For shoes, black, brown or burgundy will work well for most business situations. I would always up for black for evening or more formal occasions. And the suit can be dressed down by slipping on a pair of sneakers like slip-on Vans or a high top.4 2

For this season, opt for a modern cut. The jacket should have narrow lapels and have a slight taper throughout the mid section. Slim flat front trousers should complete the suit, which will give the wearer a long leaner look resulting in a leaner look. To keep with a more modern look, I stuck with the navy color palette for my shirt and tie, choosing a gingham checked blue shirt with a solid blue tie. For a bit of flourish, I add a floral lapel pin and finished the look with a black laced boot.