I love presents. I have to admit when I get a package in the mail I am like a kid at Christmas. That’s why I was excited when the folks at Sprezzabox asked me to be an ambassador. Not only would I be receiving a package in the mail but I would have the opportunity to style a Sprezzabox. Ambassador DCFashion Fool has a cool ring to it!
Style a SprezzaboxStyle a Sprezzabox - 1

Sprezzabox is a monthly subscription service. For $25 per month, you receive 5-6 different items handpicked by the company’s stylist. For September, I just received my box which is called, “The Smith.” A cheeky card comes with the box to describe the month’s selection. You have to love a box that comes with accessories that (according to their words), “will make my wardrobe a bit more vibrant to match my handsome personality.” Any box that calls me a stud wins bonus points!

Style a Sprezzabox - 3 Style a Sprezzabox - 4

At first, I was a little hesitant to become an ambassador. I already belong to another subscription service so I wondered if I’m taking on another box would be too much. But my fears were quickly calmed when the first box arrived. From the thrill of receiving the box in the mail to opening it up and next the chance to put together my look, I’m enjoying the experience. Look for how I wore my August look in an upcoming post.

Style a Sprezzabox 5 Style a Sprezzabox 6

There are a number of reasons why subscription boxes make sense. First, for me I can be guilty of always wearing the same tie and accessories together usually with the same suit. Getting a new box on a monthly basis can help keep my looks looking fresh. Secondly, instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a new suit the affordable monthly subscription price of the Sprezzabox gives you a new look each month. Lastly for those who have a hard time matching up ties and accessories, the stylist at Sprezzabox do a great job of curating accessories that work well together. The work is done for you.  So far I’ve been pleased with the combinations and makes that they’ve sent me. I now look forward for the chance to style a Sprezzabox.

Style a Sprezzabox 7

The box also makes a great gift. Think about it when you need a gift for the well-dressed man who’s looking to change up his look or the guy who’s not quite sure how to put stylish combinations together. Both will welcome their chance to style a Sprezzabox. Check it out for yourself.  If you code, DCFASHIONFOOL, you can get a 10% discount on your first box and entire store order. Tell them Ambassador DCFashion Fool sent you!

Style a Sprezzabox - 8

Photos: Jeff Thatcher Photography