Shop my Look – Details

Gray down jersey vest – Gant; Grey plaid suit – Canali; White cotton dress shirt – Brooks Brothers; Glencheck wool tie – Gant; Black cap-toe oxford – J. Fitzpatrick


When I look for items to add to my wardrobe, I try to think of multiple ways new purchases can be styled. It’s easy to fall into a runt and wear the same combination of clothing all the time. Often if you buy a shirt and tie together, you consistently wear them as a set not seeing the potential for other matches. Even I can be guilty of wearing the same thing over and over.


Part of the trick to developing, a good sense of style is to look for ways to shake things up in your wardrobe. Pairing pieces in different ways can add new life to clothes and give them a fresh look…. a new perspective so to speak.


That’s another reason why I’m loving my gray puffer vest because of the different ways it can be worn. In my last post, I showed you how great it was for a casual look. (A down vest for homecoming). Now here it is again over a fantastic fall suit. The addition of the vest is a perfect way to add a bit of casualness to a superb tailored look. Yet despite this casualness, adding the vest over the suit does not diminish the look. In fact it seems to elevate the look of the vest giving it a much different look than before.


I shot this look during an early morning walk through the grounds of American University. The DC campus is beautiful this time of year and the ideal backdrop to spotlight my tonal gray look. Set against the exquisite fall foliage colors, the gray is neither drab nor boring but comes across as luxurious and sophisticated.


Don’t’ be afraid to wear a puffer vest over a tailored look. It’s okay to shake thing up. Your wardrobe will thank you.