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Grey tweet overcoat: The Brett Johnson CollectionGrey knit turtleneck: The Brett Johnson Collection; Grey plaid plaints – IncotexBlack chelsea boot: Prada.

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With winter just around the corner and the days already getting chilly, it’s time to think of your winter looks. One of your most important pieces should be a good winter coat. This is the one garment in your wardrobe that is going to get plenty of use and constantly be in the spotlight. Essentially it’s going to be in heavy rotation for most of winter.


If you going to invest in a coat, it is essential to choose wisely. In choosing your coat, consider these three factors: your coat should be timeless, flattering to the body and able to withstand the harsh winter weather. It should be timeless because you’re making an investment purchase. If you are paying good money for a coat, it should last for several years. Secondly, since you make a conscious effort to put together a fantastic outfit, why ruin the look with an ill-fitting overcoat? You want your coat to compliment your look. And lastly but most of all, if the coat cannot keep you warm then its purpose is useless.

While multicolor coats have their place, a solid color is much more functional. Popular colors include navy, black and camel but for this season, grey is an ideal selection. Grey is versatile, looks great over almost any color and it is not as somber as some of the darker colors. Moreover a grey topcoat works well over both tailored and more casual looks.


To showcase how a grey coat works for this season, I opted for a tonal look. What makes this combination shine are the patterns and textures of the pieces. I’m loving the coat, which is from the Brett Johnson Collection. This handsome tweed 4-button overcoat is a stunner. It’s made in Italy and is water resistant. Brett Johnson is a Washington based designer who started his line in 2013 and is aiming to give the luxury brands like Brunello Cucinelli and Ermenegildo Zegna a run for their money. He slated to present his next collection during the upcoming New York Fashion Week Men’s. After that, I wouldn’t be surprised if his cache will soar so it’s smart to grab his pieces now.

My turtleneck is also my Brett Johnson. This chunky knot features a horizontal knit in the body. What you can’t see is that knit follows a vertical pattern in the sleeves. My plaid flannel trousers are by Incotex. Done in greys and black, I like that the plaid. It is subtle yet strikingly noticeable. Completing my look is the perennial favorite, the Chelsea boot. These are by Prada.