Now that Diner en Blanc DC is one for the history books, let’s look at what the attire from those that attended.  Yes it was after Labor Day but the lucky ones who scored a ticket to the event eagerly donned on their white and showcased their individual style. Here are looks from Diner en Blanc.

Polo shirt and khaki’s… prepster done in all white.  Notice the accessories… white watch as well as the white phone.


A sheer white shirt was a cool option since we’re still in the hot and hazy days of summer.  White sunglasses helped offered excellent protection from the glaring sun.
White shoes from Prada, Gucci and Cole-Hahn.
Hats were the key accessory for the night. Men and women sported a variety of looks, each with it’s own unique flair!







Sometimes the hat was too much and a simple ring of flowers was quite sufficient and elegant.
Other times a more substantial headpiece was the perfect showpiece.
And if the right hat was didn’t work for your ensemble?  A wig did just nicely!


Some men stepped up their game by adding ties, vest and beautiful arm candy.



And what better place to wear a white blazer?
Or the full on white suit!



However the ladies stole the show with their complete look from head to toe! Great looks from Diner en Blanc.
See ya next year!